The Race in Place


I just had to start and jump in on the “race in place” for President.

There is a feeling among Republicans that McCain isn’t a great candidate.  I agree, but on the other hand what do the Democrats have?  Not even a full term Senator who gives a nice speech so long as it’s scripted.  Neither exactly have ringing endorsements.

What concerns me the most is that McCain looks good because Obama is so far left McCain looks almost conservative.  Heck Hillary looked more conservative than McCain did, (which helps explain why she won the popular vote but lost the election).  But that I’ll go into another time.

In my opinion the republic has been under assault since Lincoln and left almost dead thanks to FDR.  LBJ kicked the Republic while it was down and Reagan tried to revive it.  But now, more than most other times in our history the final throws of the Republic is becoming a real possibility.

Think of this when you vote this year.  Should predictions hold and Democrats pick up a 60+ majority seats this Country sign up for socialist progress like Hillary-care, (though McCain also supports  universal health care), Union Rights, which would allow Unions to interfere with typical business procedures and force Unions on workers that don’t want them.  Higher taxes and wealth redistribution is a given with Democrats, problem is they always start out taxing the rich, but the middle class become part of the rich, because they change what “rich” means, (remember the last Democrat that promised a tax cut hiked our taxes for one of the largest tax hikes in history).

We are looking at a number of older Supreme Court Judges who may very well retire within the next Presidents term of office.  Like we need another couple of Ginsberg’s on the bench.  The Supreme Court has so avoided their responsibility to the Constitution that we might just as well accept that the Federal Government is the new tyranny that replaced a King.

As Jefferson once wrote, and I’ll paraphrase here, is the tyranny of 600 any different than the tyranny of one despot?    The list of what offends people, smoking, drinking, gas use and on and on has taken us to where the list of what you can do is shorter than what you can’t.

Does that sound like the land of the free to you?  Do a free people allow a Government to order them, in their own home, not to engage in a legal activity?  Should the Federal Government be permitted to tell a business owner that, that no matter how badly it hurts their bottom line, that you can’t allow patrons to smoke, even if the majority of your patrons are smokers?  Is this a free people that allow such things?

Do a free people allow the Government to ban a Constitutional Right to be infringed, even when the 2nd Amendment explicitly states “shall not be infringed”?  Do a free people allow Government to infringe upon our privacy and free movement to set up roadblocks that delay 3,000 people’s travel so that they can find 2 drivers that have been drinking?  Let’s not even mention that the Officers are more than likely being paid time and a half to entrap people.

The republican theory was that which governs least governs best.  Why and where did we get lost in that kind of thinking?  Where did we ever get so misguided that we thought the Government did anything more than create a crisis after crisis so that we need more Government so that we need to re-elect people that don’t know anything more than we do, (and in some cases even less).

It is time to examine laws being passed, what the Government does and give better scrutiny to the Constitutionally of those laws.  If we don’t start reigning in this tyranny we will find one day that the land of the free is even less free than it is today, which is less free than we were at the founding of our Country.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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