The Cost of Freedom


It has always been said that the price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.  So I have to wonder, as you should also, just how vigilant have we been.  After the signing of the new Consititution it is said that when Ben Franklin was asked what kind of Government had been created.  He responded, A Republic.  Now we must see if we can keep it.

T’would seem that we have lived up to Jefferson’s worse nightmares.  We have not only not preserved the Republic, we have failed to protect some of our most basic rights.  We have allowed politicians, media and any number of crackpots to sell us the notion that Government can run your life better than you can.

We have allowed the Government to sell us the moronic concept the guns kill people, and thusly we need to not have guns.  Not so many years ago I saw a poll that said the over 50% of taxpayers believed that Government created it’s own income.  If you were to get your income the way the Government does, you’d go to jail.

If any other minority was treated they way they allow smokers to be treated, you’d have a civil war on your hands.  If any credit card company used the methods that the IRS uses to collect what they say is due them, it would create a call for a Congressional Investigation.

Despite things like this, and so much more, the “sheeple” of this Country continue to re-elect people in Congress that carries a job satisfaction rating that is even lower than the President.  In some areas the approval rating drops into single digits.  Yet most will be right back in office in 2009.

It really comes down to this, if you vote of our incumbant this election, sit down and shut up.  Mostly because you are a huge part of the problem.  If you vote for either of the 2 guys running for President, then sit down and shut up.  Because you are accepting the status quo.  You are willing to allow the runner up in the popular vote in the Democratic primary to run for office, (this also means you need to shut up about how Algore was robbed).

Better than far left is NOT, a good reason to vote for McCain.  The GOP has given us “not quite” for every election since Reagan.  When are people that actually believe in the Constitution going to stand up and say knock this crap off!!!?

If you expect anyone to protect your Republic, your rights, your freedoms other than yourself, you are living in a fools paradise.  You might think that one person cannot do much, and in that you are sort of correct.  But one person can create an idea and ideas are damn hard to kill.  Sam Adams stood against a tax and infringments upon his rights, as did Patrick Henery.  Look what grew from that.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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