The Final Dance of Divorce and Decisions


Something a little different:

Brett Favre has given us a very interesting diversion away from the political shenanigans of the summer.  With every single twist, turn and shred of gossip, I am amazed at how his trials have paralleled those of a couple divorcing from a long term marriage.


We had the initial announcement that one person has just decided that they can no longer be in this marriage/game.  It was not a shock to those closest and as they had seen the exhaustion and physical toll it was taking.  The fans/children all were very sorry and saddened to see this happening.  The Spouse/team was sad and probably angry that this decision had been reached.


Months go by and the spouse/team has worked very hard at moving on and creating a new life for themselves.  They have a new love interest in Aaron Rogers.  Then the initiator of the divorce/retirement decides that they want another chance before this is final.  The children/fans are for the most part overjoyed.  Perhaps our family will once again be intact. 


Meetings occur and harsh words are exchanged.  Feelings are hurt and old wounds are brought back to the surface.  The initiator wants to go talk to the team/children when they are together.  It then appears that a restraining order has been placed and this is not possible.


The person left behind by this initial decision has definitely moved on and is not willing to give the leaver another chance.  The children/fans are been hurt by his indecision but will still love him in spite of his flaws.


The only thing left for the leaver to do is find another love.  He has met the Jet and will begin the long process of getting to know her.  This started out as a blind date of sorts with everyone on their best behavior.  Will the leaver make this work just to prove that he is still the best?  He can always embrace the saying that “the best revenge is living well.”


The marriage/team has now ended.  The final papers have been signed and all parties have left the court room vowing to rise above the nastiness.  They will now work to create the best they can for the children/fans.


They can always wonder if this was the best thing.  Perhaps if had just talked a little more, forgiven each other things or remembered why we got into this sport/marriage at the very beginning.  But now all parties must set the example of going on with life and living it to the fullest.




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