Who’s your Daddy?


Since we all know that media is always fair and objective, we know it was only because of the source, who is going to believe a rag sheet?  Unless of course it reports a Republican, then it’s just fine.

But this is nothing new.  This goes all the back to Jefferson, where many High Federalist Papers reported that the man who wrote endowed by their Creator with certain….etc did not believe in God.  Sounds like a man that doesn’t believe in God to me.  NOT!

But the spin on this Obama thing goes way beyond the pale.  “I will use public funds for the Election..oh wait, I raised more money, it’s a better thing not to use freely donated public money when I can use special interest group money and individual money sent to me.  Never mind the promise, this is a better thing because real people sent this to me.

Horse hockey, I can outspend McCain by millions.  Jusr for once I want ANY politician to tell the truth.  Neither here are even close as far as I am concerned.  My dog is more conservative than McCain is and he is on lifetime welfare, (that’s a bit of a joke so please don’t get upset).

Both McCain and Obama have been “on the trail” for over 18 month’s.  Now I don’t have an actual number, but how many days could either of them have done the job they have elected to do?  How many of the 300 days Obama has been in office, (that’s the number of session days of the Senate since his election).  I’d bet I’m being generous when I say he’s more than likely missed a good third of the votes.

Time for Congress to declare that running for office other than in re-election to the same post, that when running for a higher office, (Gov to Senate, Rep to President…etc.), would be required to resign their office, since as history shows in present day politics, you simply are not able to conduct the affairs of office while running for another.

John Kerry is an excellent example missing a huge percentage of votes while running for President in ’04.  Let’s face facts, during the primary you lean toward your base to win them over.  Left Right doesn’t matter, it’s where your base is and that’s the way you lean.  Once you seem to have a lock on the nomination you drit, or in Obama;s case RUN, to the center, to court the moderates that normally turn the tide of the general election.

That McCain was already there and did not try too hard to drift right, really does say something about him.  He wanted to stay within hhis comfront zone and was willing to risk his election bid keeping an arms reach from the far right.

Obama, on the other hand continues to step on his tounge, ( for all his vaunted verbage), trying to keep intact his far left supporters while trying to court moderates.  Most polls, though I dislike polls, are an indication of how badly that is failing.

Is this what how far we have really fallen?  That a guy with less than 300 days in actual Senate sessions, a large number he missed, is on par with a old guy that doesn’t even come close to the Party line or most Republicans personal values?

If American Voters don’t wake up, and wake up soon, you’ll find out who your Daddy is, and it’s going to be China.  While Congress is pissing away billions of YOUR dollars so that they can be re-elected, China is buying up the tabs.  While we are talking free trade and charging next to nothing for imports, other Countries are bleeding our products worth with high impost.

I’ve been holding my nose and voting since ’88.  Two decades later I am still holding my nose, and it’s getting pretty raw.  But once again I must, because I would trust my daughter wit my car with less than 300 days at the wheel, I’m sure not going to allow a man with that or less experience run my Country.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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