Change you can believe in changing.


I am not even going to attempt to cover the amount of “change” that has occurred within the Democratic Party.  But I will try and cover a few.  Now let me say that I don’t believe that anyone should have so set a mind that there is no rethinking the topic except in the case of your own moral code and beliefs.

First there is the Party its self.  All I heard for 4 years after the 2000 election was Bush was selected not elected.  This was based upon the popular vote the Gore was supposedly the winner of, (I have doubts given how many dead Democrats vote), this despite the fact that every President is selected by the Electoral College and always have been.

Clinton even suggested the EC be done away with in favor of the popular vote.  The Party agreed with her until…

Oooopppps, Clinton won the popular vote and now has to show support for Obama even though the Party fought to have the popular vote for President.  There it is, change you can believe in changing.

Have you noticed that Obama was for the American Flag on his jacket, before he was against wearing it, before he was for wearing it?  BUT… Have you noticed how he has solved the problem?

When was the last time you saw Obama wear a jacket?  That isn’t “it’s hot” or “I’m just one of the guys” or even “I enjoy comfort”.  That is I’m going to show my contempt for this “phoney” love of Country, and the media is so in the tank for me, even if they do notice, they won’t say anything, (I’m not claiming I’m smarter than most, but I am the first person I’ve seen to have noticed this.).  I’m sure that tonight that he will be wearing a jacket and every night until this is over and he will have a Flag pin on.  Change you can believe in changing.

I’m writing this prior to Mrs. Obama’s speech but I’m betting that she will have been proud in being an American before she was not proud of being an American, before she was once again being proud of being an American.  Change that you can believe in changing.

The list of this Party’s changes that change is astounding but not at all surprising.  Pandering to the little groups is the only way Democrats win elections.  This group of lawyers, this Union, this minority and that one and when you get enough little groups together, (mostly in wood pile voting areas, otherwise known as Cities), and this is the very reason that there is an Electoral College.

Jefferson knew that Democracy was really Mobocracy, rule of the mob, and short lived in the pages of History.

If you have a few of your own like drilling off-shore, or the Georgia invasion, send it on.  It doesn’t have to be all about me and what I think.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

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