Corrective Lenses


I’ve always worn glasses it seems.  It really started in the Second grade, so it is almost forever.  But now I’ve reached an age where when I want to read, even if wearing contacts, I have to don reading glasses.  If I am wearing my regular glasses, if I have to read, I don a pair of bifocals.

Now that may seem unrelated to politics, and it is in reality.  But it does allow me to use my failing eysight and the need to squint to read without the proper eyewear to compair the failure of voters to use the proper eyewear to see what they are voting for.  How they, like me, without the proper eyewear, see things so very blurred and disorted.

Without a Governorship, without more than 150 days of Senate experience, without a plan, with nothing more than a few good speeches, so long as the teleprompter is working, talking about change, has drawn a huge following.

BUT…is it really what it seems?  A large part of his support is of young voters, those between 18-25, that has be praised as the new wave that will win the election, yet always to show up at the polls, and this has been true for decades.  Every year we are told by Democrats that “This time it will be different”, but the results never are.

Obama says he wants to bring the parties together, but hasn’t voted for a single bi-partisan bill.  He has voted against every GOP suggested bill and over 90% of Democratic bills.  Can you explain how this is going to bring parties together?  Let’s put on our reading glasses and see if we can find unity there….  I must need stronger glasses, because I certainly don’t see it.

One thing I don’t need my bifocals for is the stage Obama is giving his speech from.  Well my Grandfather always said the grander the stage the lesser the play.

Do your Country a favor and put on some real reading glasses and read this “plan”, because so far it’s only been rhetoric, let’s hear something with a real aim and gain, besides a raise in taxes on rich people who invest and hire the rest of Americans.  Let’s see something other than a promise to lower taxes on the middle class, because the last Democrat the made that promise increased my taxes.

Take off the rose colored glasses, put down the kool-aid and put on your reading glasses and give this new, untested person a real lookover before we end up with another Carter.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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