Irrational Hate


I have to shake my head at the people that just seem to have an irrational hate based on nothing more than political beliefs.  This is not confined to the left or right, both have their few that hate beyond logic, beyond reason and may even border on insanity.

I will vent some right haters next time but today I will start with the left.  I’m not even going to the hate site Huffington, because that would be too easy as most of the posters there are nothing more than left wing nut cases anyway.

In this time of concern over Gustav the First Lady made a plea for help and unity to assist those effected by the Hurricane.  Here is  just a few examples, (coupled with some responses of mine to those comments), of just pure haters, ( I am not going to reveal names, but I will say that the story was found on Fox News).

“They are not Americans, they are traitors.” I was not aware that holding a differing political belief was insurrection or a plot to overthrow the Government.

Truth be told, that such comments just show that you are completely ignorant of the definition in the Constitution of traitor, and as such, should just shut up.

“No, classy would have been saying that when her husband and his cronies led their uneducated base to believe that liberals were somehow not Americans – while many of them had children who were comprising “the troops.” Classy is something she never had to be – she was busy doing SILENT.” Well, this pretty much speaks for its self, but I’d bet that I could make you look like a moron in a debate of the founding of this Country and the Constitution.  The tired poor comprise the troops has been disproved many times over and any “educated” person should know better than to attempt to drag that old saw up again.

And in relief of that last First Lady who changed some many times from being co-president to not the sit home and bake cookies, stand by you man…etc, you really should just sit down and take a number.  The Doctor will be with you shortly.

“Interesting that now “we’re all Americans” in 2008, but not so much in August of 2005 when Katrina hit!” Interesting how you fail to recall that in 2005 there was a Democrat Governor and in 2008 there is a Republican Governor who unlike that last Governor followed the rules, thus engaging the Federal response.

In case you didn’t know it, half a story is a much a lie as a lie in whole.  In other words, take a trip to the clue store and buy a few.  “Alex, I’ll take a clue for a $100.”

“Bottom line, bush family does not care about anyone but their own.” And the proof of that would be the extra money you get to keep from your paycheck, the lack of terrorist attacks since 9-11, the lack of unemployment, the freedom granted to Afghans and Iraqi people…etc

The only good thing about people that think like this, is that it carries over to Congress, which ties up the Government and prevents them for passing more laws that are not only costly but done simply to get them re-elected.  Trouble is that there are things the the Government should be doing, but isn’t for the same reason.

We are tied up in this stupid idea that the environment is more important in the short term than keeping our economy going.  And the divide comes right down party lines.

Get a grip people, the more people that continue to rely on the Federal Government, the more they do, the more it cements it self into our lives and takes control and some of our freedom.  It is possible that these people that hate so much want just that, but it is not the route they should take to obtain their goal.

It shouldn’t even be their goal.  I can respect that belief, but it is not the concept of our Republic.  Such changes of that scale should be contained and voted upon by the people of a self-governing society in the form of Constitutional Amendments.

Mobocracy is NOT an options.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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