The Dems and the National MSM are having great concerns.  From out of “right” field, comes a object of terror that packs guns, is a member of PETA, (People Eating Tasty Animals), has no love for flowery speech, and is equally fond of corruption.  Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, who has suddenly turned the entire Presidential race into a frenzy and snapped Obama’s Convention bump in a single speech.

It took the weekend and 2 days, but Obama finally got his bump, in the form, depending on the poll, of about 6 points.  But then 2 days later Gov. Palin’s speech the candidates are again tied.  Will there be an additional bump for the GOP?  I believe so and if the press continues to cover her now as they attacked her after her nomination, it will be a larger bump than Obama received.  (Scoff if you will, but after her speech she already tied his bump with no “set in time”).

Now to be certain she is no Reagan, Gov Palin is not the next great communicator, but she isn’t uh..ummm…ahhhbama either.  She isn’t Jefferson, (can you just imagine the thoughts he’d have over spending this much money?  “You wish to spend what or WHAT?”.  But she is something that is and has been sorely needed in the GOP since Newt left office.  Someone who will get to say, this simply isn’t what a Republic is supposed to be all about.

Now for sure, she is not going to do much of much since she is only going to be VP, but if the Left is concerned now, they ought to be down right wetting their collective pants, because we are looking at the first woman President of the US, in my humble opinion.

This observation depends upon, becoming more likely event that, McCain/Palin winning the election.  The speculation that McCain is going to step down after one term is unlikely, given his determination.  McCain is much more of a fighter than that.  But rest assured that 8 years in the WH as VP, Gov. Palin will not have to be concerned about claims from the left that the under-qualified Obama crowd will be able to claim she isn’t able to assume office.

Even as VP she should have at least as much claim to be able to step in as Obama, since his claim to surround himself with “experts” makes him qualified to run the Country.  She could easily do just as well “surrounding” herself with experts.  At the moment the real difference is Obama is the front of the ticket, she is number 2.  To claim she isn’t qualified only says that Hillary was correct and Obama is ONLY qualified to be the second seed.

All of this and more should really concern Democrats.  They might continue to control the Congress for a couple of more years, (and maybe not if the GOP mends their ways), but they are looking at something that hasn’t happened since Jefferson’s election to office.  The republicans, (small r is how Jefferson named them), held 2 terms with; Jefferson, Madison, Monroe.  That’s 24 years of Republicans holding the big chair.

No wonder they attack a 17 year old girl.  They have nothing on the horizon to offer to prevent this from happening.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


2 Responses to “(un)(Convention(al)”

  1. Vic Says:

    Very Nice. Go McCain, I like the Farve article.(Eileen) Chas,keep it up my friend. You are a very talented writer. I only hope people read a little into the pages and act.

  2. Pat Says:


    great piece she is quite amazing isnt she the democrats are so undone by her they are calling out all their women gov to put down sarah palin i wonder if obama is second guessing about putting hillary on his ticket

    the speech she gave the other night was terrific just the right inflections and she can throw a barb and have that sweet smile on her face she is good am looking forward to seeing her debate biden that should be very interesting

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