Hang ’em High


I can almost see Thomas Jefferson tying a hangman’s noose and tossing it over the nearest tall limb.  The republic has just taken over the or one of the largest companies in American.  Freddie Mack and Fannie May are now being run by the US Government.

Just think about that, the enormity of such an action.  The Federal Government now holds in its hands some trillion dollars of loans given to Americans.  The same Federal Government that can’t even run a savings account, (which is nothing more than Social Security is), the same Federal Government that waste Millions, through fraud, in Medicade and Medicare.  Do you really want this kind of power in the hands of such people?

They couldn’t even run a Post Office for heavens sake.  If you look it up you’ll find they abused their Post Office so much it caused a GAO investigation.  You really should look that up, it is interesting.

The war on poverty has reached the hundreds of billions by now.  Do you know the effect?  In the beginning of this so-called war on poverty the poverty rate was hovering around 10-13%.  Billions of dollars later, through all those decades, the rate never really varied.  That’s correct, the poverty rate right now is no lower now than it was before the “war” started.  These are the people you want to control trillions of dollars that keep a roof over your head.  Are you sure?

OK, I know the housing market is in trouble.  Most of this was caused by people who didn’t read the fine print and Banks who tried to hide what they were doing.  I get that people think that banks are supposed to be honest, we shouldn’t have to worry about the fine print.  Clue store is now open, trust is mis-placed outside of your spouse and your parents.

But if you really think that these people can run something smoothly, efficiently, without waste, you haven’t been paying attention.  Please name me a single thing the Government has run with ANY deal of success,  I’ll go get a beer while I wait, because I already know the answer.

Times up, if you said anything, you are mistaken.  There is no program that the Federal Government runs that hasn’t wasted, misused and abused. Does the Government actually help anyone?  Of course it does.  Does it do it better or cheaper than private industry does?  Mostly not, and that’s because it’s never happy.  No matter how much it does help, they keep increasing it, “mending” it and reforming it until it is broken.  I’m glad I rent.

Stop listening to what these elected people are saying, start paying atention to what they are doing and how they do it.  These are about a third of the economy at over 3 trillion, put on another 7 % in Health Care, and it should be getting scary for you.  IF it isn’t, then you are either blind to what’s around you, you simply don’t care or all of this is over your head.  If you aren’t reading how your Federal Representatives and Senators are, (or aren’t voting because they are too busy running for office), voting, then you deserve what you get.

But I don’t deserve the reprecussions of your ignoance or apathy.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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