Considering all things being equal…


…they are not.

Consider the outrage over Sen. Clinton, when she claimed that the press seemed to be favoring Obama.  Crybaby, go back to the kitchen…etc, but certainly more complaints and little support from feminatzi’s while it all went all.  Now Gov.  Palin is under attack and NOW is still strangely quiet.

So I have to wonder what do they want?  They don’t seem to want a socialist in moderates clothing, since they blinked when the attacks and vote counting took place for Hillary.  They run like sheep when those attacks on Gov. Palin take place, and in fact even add their voice to them.

I’ve always said that race trumps gender, but this is way beyond the pale.  We are talking about in the case of Clinton the person who actually won the popular vote, ( I suspect that the Dems are only upset over the Gore loss to Bush.  Otherwise they’d be outraged that Obama got the nomination.  But then again I have never said the Dems were logical or consistent. )

Even not being logical, there are patterns of behavior that show an insight into the, I can’t say thinking, process that Dems are going through.  The popularity of the President is at an all time low, only the Congress is lower, and people are not happy with so many things, but Obama can’t take and hold any lead that is beyond the margin of error.  You truly  have to be obsessed to believe that everything is OK in the Dems camp with results.

In fact they are so worried it seems that they have taken to attacking Gov. Palin, (who is about equal at worse with Obama), and keep that attack in focus while ignoring McCain.  Just last week the change started when they were unable to diminish the bump of Gov. Palin started to claim that the race was about McCain and Obama.  That doesn’t seem to fly either.

Without the debates, I decline to predict an outcome, but given Obama’s ability to, ahh, well umm, or also, let me point out, work without, ahh, a teleprompter and Biden’s ability to point out how clean and articulate his oppossion is, the Dems have every right to be concerned.

So the liberal media can stay, and I hope they do, in denial, but this is almost as close to a lock as Reagan’s second term.  Giving Obama Red States because of primary results is about as smart as giving him the nomination when he was beaten in the popular vote.

N.O.W. is off board on this and should be up in arms over the treatment of the 2 ladies that are/were running for office.  Shame on you that race should trump your charter.  Shame on you that Pro-life should influence you, in that your charter is a woman should be able to choose.  A pox on your house.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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