A Shift in the Field


Seems the bad news for the US economy is good news for Sen. Obama.  After a couple of weeks of lost ground he has closed the gap.  There is a reason for this and that is because foolish people think that Democrats, who tend to think higher taxes is a good thing, will do a better job of handling the ecnomy.

Funny, because Sen. Obama’s response to the bailout was, I want to wait and see before coming down on what I think of it.  When asked about his specific ideas for improvement of the economy his response was, “I can’t talk about the specific because I don’t want to panic…”   Whoa, your plan might cause panic?  And you think it is a good plan?  I get more afraid every day with this guy.

Meanwhile Sen. McCain said he in theory he agrees with the plan, but wants to read the plan before committing to it.  Now that combined with the thought the he wants to make sure that the Government gets out of the bailout business, sounds like a more considered approach.

I’m the last guy around who thinks the Government should run anything, since they can’t even run a savings account, (called social security) or Medicare or Medicade, (both of which are full of fraud and going broke).  But there should be some Government action to fix this and should be able to go after these CEO’s that walked away from failing companies with tens of millions of dollars in seperation pay.

Any company that pays a CEO that dang near sinks the company should not only not get his seperation pay, but should be fined and have to return a large part of his pay.

Somewhere, along the road we have lost that connect of employeer and empolyee.  Somehow making money became more important than how you made money.  Keeping up with the Jones’s simply isn’t a workable way of life.  Living in a home that is far beyound your means is irresponsible and criminal of finanical institutions to provide these loans.

Accepting millions of dollars for driving a companies profits into the ground is somehow beneath me, obviously not to them. I am beginning to think I’m even older than rocks, or at least my thinking is on the sense of responsibility.

I’m not saying that everyone should believe like I do, but there was a time when more people than not did.  And we were a better Country for it.

Next time I want to return to the Founders and what I believe they might think about this mess we are now in.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “A Shift in the Field”

  1. Pat Says:

    i so agree with everything you say how these CEOS can walk away with the millions of dollars they do is criminal i wonder how they put their heads down on a pillow at night knowing all the people they have harmed there should be a way they can be prosecuted and have that money returned to the people they took it from

    regarding obama i think more and more people see what he is about and sarah palin is just what mc cain needs a breath of fresh air definitely describes her she is smart, funny and so in charge of herself she will be so good for this country along with john mc cain

    your columns are always very interesting sometimes i want to comment but find you have covered everything so well a comment from me would add nothing to yours i read them all though and am not surprised at the way you write i have always thought you were very gifted in that respect

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