Priorities and Responsibilities


Sen. McCain has choosen to suspend his campagin to go back to DC to..horrors of horrors, DO THE JOB FROM WHICH HE RECIEVES A PAYCHECK AND WAS ELECTED TO DO!

Sen. Obama on the other hand has said;  ”  Presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time, “It’s not necessary for us to think that we can only do one thing and suspend everything else.”

True Senator, except the people of your state should expect you to actually do your job for the check you recieve.  They pay you to govern, NOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT.  You ca do what you want of course, but “present” certianly shouldn’t be an option.

Sen. McCain is opting to acctually do what he was elected to do, as opposed to doing what he isn’t being paid to do.

Once again I want to call upon those who have a soul, those who care about our Country, who care about their voice in Government to demand that elected representatives to do what they are elected to do.

Let’s start a grassroots movement to force a law that REQUIRES any candidate that wishes to run for a higher office to resign the present office he holds.  Present should NOT BE A VIABLE VOTE! Absent, running for President should not be a viable vote!

Senators running for President, or Govenors running for President simply are incapabile of preforming their duties, and still getting paid to chase their dream and ambition to the cost of the people he is supposed to represent.  No one ever paid me to chase my ambitions, I had to either do it on my time or leave the job I had.


How doing nothing does something.

Congress has found a new way to aviod doing something and giving cover to their do nothing agenda.  by doing nothing the Congress tried quietly allowed the ban on off-shore drilling to just fade away.

The interesting part of this is they can claim a number of things such as the present market crisis as a more pressing matter, (so much for Obama’s claim of needing to be able to do more than one thing at a time), but it does free up more oil than has been available in this Country for a generation.

Too bad they don’t take note of this and do nothing more often.  Had they done nothing years ago, we would have the energy crisis we have today.

They can take cover though by saying the didn’t vote FOR drilling off-shore.  Yep, it’s double-speak, but it would be true in a sense.  They didn’t approve of it, but they didn’t try and stop it either.  Which is good since a vast majority of Americans agree that we need to drill off-shore.

It’s a real shame when your represenative has to cast his vote the way you want him to by not voting at all.  Is that representing you or avoiding responsibility?


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “Priorities and Responsibilities”

  1. Pat Says:


    i have for a long time advocated just what you stated when a senator decides to run for president he should give up his senatorial seat how can he be doing anything for his constituents if he is running all over the country and in the case of obama all over the middle east and europe i heard a pundit on fox saying well he has a staff for that for something as important as what is happening now he should be in dc to try and straighten this out yesterday harry reid said if mc cain didnt vote on this it would be a great disservice but today when he found out he was returning he was told by reid that it wasnt necessary for him to be there

    politics in dc are so out of control it is scary and i guess its not important for obama to be there for a vote of present anyway

    by the way i wonder if it wasnt election time would this be such an important matter as it is being made out to be right now

    i enjoy your posts

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