My Wish For You Dear Child


I heard an interesting quote the other day from yet another financial pundit.  He said for the first time in a long time our children may not be at well off as we are.  At first I thought this was a sad and worrisome thing.  Now I am not so sure.

Do our children need McMansions  bigger than the ones we have today.?   Families have gotten smaller and houses larger.  Storage places are a huge business housing all the “stuff” we cannot fit into these large homes.    When we get too much stuff, we just buy a bigger house.  These homes are empty for most of the day while parents are out working long hours to pay for them.

 When I was a preschool teacher a little one wanted to show Mom or Dad something and they did not want to take the time to look as they had to rush off to work.  You will never be able to reclaim those years and those little faces.

Do they need a second home when so many families around the world do not have even one?  We own extra homes and then are way too busy making money to even be able to enjoy them.

Do they need a TV in so many different rooms?  What about learning to negotiate and take turns deciding which program to watch.  The whole family could watch TV together with a bowl of pop corn.  The same could apply to computers. 

The American Dream has been to own your own home.  Perhaps we need a new dream and that would be to make a home out of wherever we live and spend time with the family we have chosen to create.    Learn to be happy with what you HAVE and not worry about what you do not have.  Can’t a little family be happy in their own small apartment with just as much love as a 8,000 square foot Colonial?

Does any child need 75 pairs of jeans???? 50 pairs of shoes???  Where have we gotten so off track?  We are being taught a lesson by God or the Universe or whatever you want to call it.  If we do not learn it this time—we will be taught again and again until we get it.  Each time will be harder and more forceful.

I love seeing different families around the world living in poverty we cannot imagine-with the family gathered together and huge grins on their face.  They are eating together on the ground with the simplest of foods and grateful for all that they have.   They do not have a closet because they do not have many clothes.   Perhaps they have discovered the secret to happiness.  I wish nothing less for my children. 

 The softer side-Eileen


3 Responses to “My Wish For You Dear Child”

  1. Brad Says:

    Hey Chas-

    Awesome blog. I just wanted to tell you that i am currently in the process of making my own yahoo group on FNC, and also a forum. When i do, i you post the links for you here. Hopefully you can spread the word about it. Maybe we can chat about football and whatever on there.

    I wont be posting on Janice’s blog anymore, maybe sometimes on Alisyn’s blog, because there are just too many mean spirited, nasty, unwelcoming people there. I have had the same experience on Gretas one also.

    Take Care, my friend 🙂

  2. Storage Says:

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  3. housing plan Says:

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