Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About


The day after the debate and at odds are those who think Sen. Obama “won” the debate and, of course, there are those who think that Sen. McCain “won” the debate.  Totally wrong thinking on everyone’s part.  The ONLY winner of the debates last night should have been the American Voter.  Did the American Voter win last night?  Do we, as voters, know anymore about either man than we did before the debate?  Sadly, the answer is no.

Could we perhaps learned more about any candidate yesterday?  Yep, and I did learn something disturbing about Sen. McCain.  He made a stance that he needed to be in DC to do what he was being paid to do, be a Senator.  But then he caved to the media garbage, the lambasting of him because he “claimed” he had a job to do, but then left to flap his gums with Sen. Obama.  Why didn’t Sen. McCain simply say if Sen. Obama feels it is so important to hold debates why did he not accept the 10 Town Hall meetings?  Sorry, let Sen. Obama take the stage alone, we could have had already sorted out most of the differences we have prior to this crisis.  I’m not willing to put my campaign ahead of my duty to my State or my Country.  Let Sen. Obama have his friends vote present for him, I believe that I am duty bound to remain here.

Sen. Obama the stuttering aside, (and his prep was well done because he did it less than I have heard in the past without a teleprompter), but still strikes me as a man searching for an answer that will please or apease the majority of the masses.  I get the impresion the Sen. Obama is like the second thought guy.  You know him the old Monday Morning Quarterback.  I do great the day after the game, not always so good the day before.

The disturbing part of Sen. Obama, (and this may be minor to some, but I’m an old guy), was the lack of respect Sen. Obama showed Sen. McCain by addressing him as John, while Sen. McCain always addressed him as Sen. Obama.  To me it’s just a matter of respect, not of an individual, but of an office.  Even though Sen. Obama is a JR. Senator he was paid the proper respect by the Senior Senator addressing him by title.

For the Senator, the JR. Senator in fact, to believe his is of or on equal ground to a man who has served his Country for most of his life, just emphises the elitest impression most people have of the Senator.  An impression I believe is as close to on the mark as one can get.

Eileen will be posting the nest entry to the blog.  I wish that everyone would return to read this.  I ask this because actions always speaks louder than words, but some of both can be a powerful thing.  Her blog is going to cover her work with the Quilts of Valor program.  Saying you support the troops is one thing, and it’s better than spitting at them as was once done, but please see what this simply program means to our wounded troops.

I thank you in advance.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About”

  1. Brad Says:

    Hey Chas-

    I dont know why you had problems sending me an email, but thanks for taking the time to do so. And thanks for standing up for me, a lot of times, people on the internet saying these nasty stuff because they think they can get away with it, simply because they are hiding behind a computer screen. You are a great friend 🙂

    Here are the link to the yahoo group i made yesterday.


    I hope you will join when you get the chance.

    And here another forum i made yesterday. Feel free to drop by and post a message if you have the time.


    I have made up my mind, i wont be coming back to Janices blog, as not right now. The people posting there(there are several of them, i am sure you know their names) that act like they are moderators of that blog and try and boss people around. Most of them were around way before you started posting there. For those reasons, i am forced to leave.

    But i will still be posting occasionally at Alisyn’s blog, so that is another place where you can find me.

    But i hope you will take the time to post something or two at my yahoo group. All the latest FNC news are there for your enjoyment 🙂

    So what are your football picks for tomorrow?

    Have a great day.

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