We Got It Right This Time


Amid all the financial mismanagement, arguing about the best candidate and enough finger pointing, we Americans can get it right after making a big mistake. A horrible dis-service was done to our Vietnam soldiers. For the most part, they were drafted and had no choice but to fight that war. They were spit on and ostracized in many horrible ways.

In nothing less than a miracle, we have been able to separate the troops from the war. Even the media is very careful to make that distinction. I have seen people in airports thanking these men.

I am a quilter and searched for an organization to donate some of my quilts to. I found Quilts of Valor and really liked what I read. I emailed the head of this and decided to make some quilts. I received a letter from a service member and wanted to share this with whoever would listen.

Dear Eileen,
I am writing to express my gratitude to you and your friend, Betty I., for the beautiful, patriotic quilt you sent to the 332 EMDG (Expeditionary Medical Group) in Iraq. I want you to know how much those quilts mean to us. Yesterday evening six of our Nation’s very finest soldiers were flown in by chopper after a suicide bomber attacked their foot patrol. I cared for one of those young men last night. (I’ll call him Sgt C.). Sgt C is a young American soldier from Utah with a wife and two small children at home. He is one of the lucky ones. His burns and bruises will heal. His ruptured eardrum will heal. Yesterday he earned his second Purple Heart.

As is customary, the Chaplain or his assistant bring the injured troops a quilt and we cover them with it, either in the ER or on the ward. If they are alert we read them the cards from wonderful Americans like you and tell them that someone from home made that quilt for them. We save them for very special days, like yesterday; for an occasion when a touch of kindness and love from home is exactly what is needed. As I write these words my eyes fill with tears. I have watched many young soldiers receive their quilts of valor and I want you to know that it touches them deeply. It touches all of us deeply.  I couldn’t read your card out loud to Sgt C because I was crying as I read it. Trying to hold back tears, I held it for him and he read it himself. I can tell you that a strong soldier fought valiantly to hold back his own tears. I don’t know if he will ever write to thank you, though he says he plans to, but I wanted you to know how much your kindness means to these young troops, and to those of us who care for them. This is no exaggeration…everyone who passed by Sgt C’s litter last night commented on how beautiful your quilt was. It was truly one of the most beautiful quilts we’ve seen.

I firmly believe that the Lord puts us where he needs us. Right now I am needed in Iraq, caring for those in harms way. I was placed with Sgt C last night to tend his wounds and was blessed to read your message and admire your quilt with him. Of all the quilts that were given last night I was especially touched by yours. You see, I have left behind a husband and four beautiful children in Damascus, MD. As I read the inscription on your quilt I was even more moved by the fact that it was from one of my Maryland neighbors. I told Sgt C that I was planning to write to you and when I return I hope that we can meet for tea and chat. I will share my pictures of Sgt C and his quilt, adorned with his Purple Heart.
Thank you, again, for your kindness and patriotism. I guarantee you truly touched the lives of many last night….through one beautiful quilt of valor. I know that Sgt C is anxious to return home and show that quilt to his family. It will always serve as a reminder to him of his victory last night and of the love we share as Americans. God bless you and God bless America!
Major S.

Not a QUILTER?????? It costs about $25 to mail these quilts out. Buy some beautiful red white and blue fabric and donate to someone who is able to sew. I have internet friends that mail me fabric all the time.

Quilts of Valor is the website.


2 Responses to “We Got It Right This Time”

  1. Alycia Says:

    Awesome story! Thank you for getting involved.

  2. Brad Says:

    Hey Chas-

    Just thought you must like to stroll over to Greta’s blog, and maybe become a regular poster, because every week they have a good football discussion going on over there.

    Take Care.

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