The man who reads nothing at all…


…is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers, (Thomas Jefferson)

Today it seems the same may be said of the person who watches no News.

As most of of know by now the House failed to pass the ill-thought out bail-out bill.  Being in a position where others had control, I was forced to hear the reports coming from CNN.  In less than 5 minutes I bet that I heard how the Republicans caused the failure of the bill at least 10 times.

I heard how the GOP carries the responsibility and how the majority of Republicans voted against this.  What was missing was that 40% of the MAJORITY Party voted against their OWN Party, some 90 members voted against it, yet somehow even having the needed numbers to pass this bill without the GOP vote, it is still Republicans fault that the bill didn’t pass.  There was a margin of some 20 votes, but the 95 Democrats who did not support the bill and their own party, are void of any responsibility for the bills failure.

You can pour all the sugar on a dog turd you want, under it all, it is still a dog turd.

Experts are saying that even companies might have trouble meeting their payrolls because credit may be curtailed.  So it sounds to me as if even the private sector  runs like the Federal Government and borrows money to meet its needs.  Who says the Government doesn’t inspire and set the bar for others?

The difference to me seems to be when the Government runs out of money they take it from us in taxes, when a business fails, the Government takes money from us and gives it to business.  That should be a scary thought to any thinking person.

Remember, we are talking about people that can’t run a budget better than a 20 year old housewife.

Let’s look at it this way.  You buy a car you can’t afford, then you loan your friend, (that has no job), a large amount of money and buy a new computer.  A short time later you find you can’t make the payments.  Go to your Boss and tell him he is going to have to fork over more money towards your salary because you have put out more than your present check can support.  Can I see a show of hands of how many people will get a raise?

Pretty much what I thought.  But this is just what business markets have done and what the Federal Government has been doing for years.  Stop worrying about who is going to be President, start worrying about who is in Congress.  Start at the lowest level and start change there.

A co-worker of mine claims that there is nothing we can do, (he’s a Dem Lib), and it just isn’t going to change.  I disagree, with every fiber of my soul I disagree that we the people cannot FORCE any Party to give us those who would represent us as we wish to represent us.  Get up, Stand up, Speak up and demand better.  Demand REAL representation.

If you don’t, you get the Governemnt you deserve.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “The man who reads nothing at all…”

  1. Pat Says:

    hey chas

    it seems to me people this time are very involved those that voted against the bill did it for two reasons one i am sure is nancy pelosis ill timed statement and second is the amount of calls representatives who are up for election got from their constituents telling them they did not want them to vote yes on this bill and they knew if they didnt listen come election time people would remember

    the democrats could have passed this bill on their own but of course if it didnt work they would have to take the fault and we know they dont want that

    it is a very sad state of affairs what is going on in washington term limits is my answer to part of the problem they do not work for the people they take care of themselves first only this time americans stood up and shouted no more the other day wamu was going to go under and guess what the ceo after having been there for SEVENTEEN DAYS, SEVENTEEN DAYS walked away with 90 million dollars how wrong is that something is definitely wrong when a company is supposedly in trouble and a ceo after 17 days walks away with 90 millionj

    thanks for listening

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