Taxation “With” Representation?


Everything I hear and read says to me that the majority of tax payers simply are not on board with this “bailout”.  I heard more then one Representative say calls from home were going 4 to 1 against this bill.  Yet representative after representative repeated the need to tweak the bill to get it to pass.

Speaker of the House in her rant against President Bush calling the GOP and the President failed leadership.  Let’s look at this claim; 1. 95 Democrats voted against this bill, (that’s like 40%).  2.  Who gains if this bill fails to pass?  3.  If the majority of Americans seem to be against this, why are they still trying to pass it?

Number one;  Notice that the blame is focused on the GOP for doing what the opposition does, vote against the majority.  So the failed leadership is the Speaker of the House, who did indeed fail to bring the few extra votes that was needed to pass the bill, (I don’t want to intrude upon point 2, so I leave that here).

Number 2;  For no logical reason voters tend to trend towards Democrats when the economy is doing badly.  It is foolish because it seems that most often the reason Republicans get elected is to stop the excess of Democrats spending.  However, be that as it may, If this bill can be played as a non-passage has made a bad situation even worse, it favors Sen. Obama.    So it is the media who helps spread the lie that the GOP doomed the bill, when in fact the Democrats had the votes without the Republicans and thus gives Sen. Obama a small boost in the polls.

Number three;  Best I can see that oppose rate of this bill is between 75 and as much as 90% of Americans.  So what’s the deal with tweaking it to make it pass?  Doesn’t even if it was only slightly over half scream don’t vote for it?  Does that tell you that the majority of us actually receive representation?

Let’s look at it in a slightly different way.  You are in Court and you have a lawyer to represent you.  The charges don’t matter, you are innocent and you are resolved to fight this charge.  Your lawyer says I am going to plead you out, Guilty will get you a lower fine and no jail time.  You tell him, “NO WAY” you will plead innocent.  When the trial starts he stands and answer the judge with guilty with a plea of mercy from the court.

Did your lawyer actually represent you?  Heck no, he went against your wishes, (don’t get picky, I know you can fire him and request a mis-trail and start over.  This is just an example).  So if the majority of Americans are against this bailout are the representative within their powers to ignore us?  Is their belief that “we just aren’t smart enough to understand” justification enough to vote against our wishes?

Seems to me that the objective of a representative republic is for the voice of the people to be heard.  The objective of the Constitution is to quell the knee jerk reaction of the populace is sound, but that doesn’t give the Congress the authority or the right to void the desire of the people that they are supposed to represent.

If we allow this to stand, if we as a people allow this to go through against our will, then you might as well not vote.  Because most members of Congress have enough family to vote them into office if we all stay home.  If you are going to allow your representative to vote against your wishes with impunity, then I say we are no longer a self-governing society.

Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain have both called upon the Congress to pass this bill.  Does this reflect your view?  Do they represent you?  Are we now, once again, being taxed without representation?


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “Taxation “With” Representation?”

  1. Gina Says:

    Chas, the comment from “representatives” I’ve heard that galls me the most is when they say they are aware their constituents are against the bailout, but they have to vote their conscience. As if their constituents are not only not smart enough to know what’s good for them, but without conscience as well.

    My favorite comment of the day was from a Republican (who voted nay) that the phone calls his office was receiving were evenly split . . . between No and Hell No!!

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