There is Nothing To Fear…


…but the Main Stream Media.

It is amazing at just how much the MSM has changed the level of the election.  In just a week they have been able to turn the actual results of the first debate between Senators Obama and McCain from a tie or a slight edge by McCain to a complete win, hands down, no argument, Obama win.  Which is total nonsense, but I already covered the debate and I see no need to re-cover it and oppose the MSM, since I have such a low readership, I’m not going to have much effect.

The other slight of hand is this bailout plan that is going to cost us $700 billion.  There is no, let me repeat that, NO measurable certainty that this bill will do anything to help out the economy.  But the MSM has tried to sell this debocle to us and has not won that battle.

Most Americans see this for what it is, a socialist take over and expansion of Federal Power into the fiber of the economy.  Let’s look at this logically, just for once.  you are against the very people who allowed this to happen in the first place.  The Congress wants you to believe that the very people that allowed this to come to pass, without a single word of warning, (despite what Barney Frank says), are responsible enough to or smart enough to fix it.  Please tell me you don’t really believe that.

Just these two events, played out in a partisan line have had a positive effect for Sen. Obama.  For the first time since it was down to two, Sen. Obama has edged out a very slight lead in the polls over Sen. McCain.

Lastly, the new reporting by the MSM reporting that Gov. Palin isn’t qualified to be VP.  But someone who has at least as little experience than she does is somehow quilified to be President.  How does anyone say or report such a thing with a straight face?  You have to be some sort of real idiot or slanted partisan to believe such a thing.  Either they are both qualified for their positiion, or they are not.  You cannot have it both ways, not and be honest anyway.

This is a myth that for one, Sen. Obama did a less than average job at the debate.  He stumbled so many times he should have broke his nose.  Neither laid out a real plan, but more than most, Sen. Obama repeated his campaign talking points.  I believe that he lost by a narrow margin and that was the majority opinion the day of and after the debate.

Point two; It makes no difference what-so-ever if the bailout bill will help or not.  It does not  have a single thing to do with the bill that ALL the media is pushing.  Here is the real point.  We are a self-governing Government, (at least in theory), and the majority of Americans are against it.  Yet the media and the representitives are telling us we need it, we don’t understand, doom and gloom if we don’t..etc.

None of that is the point really.  We are either represented or we are not.  If we are, then the bill should die, (already approved by the Senate as of this writing), if not this bill will pass.  In which case we can dipense with the election process altogether, since it makes voting a waste of time and money.  If the Congress is going to ignore what the voters in the majority want, both parties should just then flip a coin between their candidates and the winner take the seat.  Because your sure not getting what you paid for.

I covered the experience thing between Biden and Palin.  It can’t be both ways, either they are both qualified for their positions they are running for, (and in truth Gov. Palin has the better agrument for qualifications, since she is second seed), or neither are qualified for the position they are running for.

In short, this is the WORSE covered election in the 40 years I’ve been watching elections.  The press or media has so far gone over in partiisanship that they are almost laughing about it out loud.  The MSM has changed the trend in this election so much so that a man that isn’t even qualified to be a Senator is leading the race for President.  The sad part of that is that people that would consider theirself a fairly intelligent individuals are falling for this deception and distortion of reality.

Read more, believe less.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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