Do You Hear What I Hear?


After listening to the debates of the VP’s, twice, and I have to say that both candidates did well and the only thing I heard different was Sen. Biden was some place he shouldn’t have been, (because the Senate was working on a deal to railroad us, I mean bailout Wall Street, in the guise of helping us), and Gov. Palin wasn’t home running her State.  But they both had the same message, I’m running with the best man to move us forward.

They both had the message that the Government was going to help us and they were leading the charge of change.  Sorry, I come from the Reagan school of Government.  He said the scariest words in the english language is “I’m from the Government and we are here to help”.

So where is the difference between them?  One is that the last Democrat that promised me a tax cut raised my taxes.  I have to look at the track record and even though Sen. McCain has voted against some tax reductions, Sen. Obama is so pro tax every time I see him my wallet starts to hurt.

At the end of the day, I hear “we’re from the Government….etc”  This is not where we are supposed to be.

Gov. Palin did say that she expected to work to have the Government to get out of the way of individuals but stem the “greed” on Wall Street…etc.  Hold on, time out, let’s talk about “greed”.  I’m not saying that Bank’s have been on the up and up, but let’s get real.  The real greed here has been the American people.

You simply can’t believe that if you only make $60,000 a year you can afford a $500,000 home.  Please, no one, at least I hope so, is that stupid.  A lot of blame is going to the banks and Wall Street, but there is more than a little blame to be placed on Main Street here.  Don’t tell me the Government is going to fix this, especially with my money.  I didn’t do this.  I am debt free after many years of starving the beast.

Sen. O’Biden wants to help the Obamanation tax our way out of this mess while spending more than we can afford.  Sound like anyone else we know?  The Government is always spending more than they “make”, their answer is to spend more by increasing taxes or by putting off the payment until the kids we have will have to pay it.

I hear nothing different from either party except that one claims that it will veto un-necessary spending and pork and one is going to spend more by a cut and run concept in Iraq so that we can send millions down the tube so we can pay for social spending.

Here is the bottom line, if National Security becomes the second most important  concern, everything else is a matter of nothing.  Because once our National Security is compromised then nothing else means a thing.

I lean towards Sen. McCain, not because I like his policies all toll, but I do know that since 9-11 we haven’t been attacked and he has supported the President in many of the reasons why we haven’t.  I certainly don’t feel that way about Sen’s, Obama/Biden.

I’ve taken the long way around to say this, The Democrats are stuck on a scratch on the record that continues to jump back to Bush, (which by the way had a great deal going for him until the last 6 or 8 months that the Dems want you to forget), and say McCain is more of the same.  I’ll take that, because in the biggest reason, the MOST important issue facing us is National Security and without that we have nothing.

This is not to say that I am on-board with the GOP, they haven’t been on track either, just better at keeping us safe.

Think hard and think well.  Remember  BOTH parties voted for the bailout bill, that the majority of us objected to.  I’d be real happy, (and feel obligated to), remind you that the Congress just ignored your wishes and voted for something that the majority of us disliked.  ANY candidate that voted against your wishes doesn’t represent you should be looking for a new job and you should vote to send him there.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

  1. Pat Says:

    the sad thing about this bailout is after the election and when things level out again no one will remember it in my opinion it is a political thing i dont know who investigated it and brought it forth but it certainly has not been a help to anyone mc cain turned out looking bad and voted for it obama did nothing and voted for it

    people were screaming at their representatives and senators and did they listen no they did not on the first vote in the house a few republicans had a backbone and voted against it they were afraid of losing their seats in the next election and then it was presented to the american people to scare us “if you dont pass this right away the market will crash” or some such nonsense so constituents supposedly called back and said well maybe we were a little too hasty no you werent you were right they never should have voted for this bill it is full of pork as usual and we gave 800 billion dollars to a man and said do as you please pick who you think needs it and straighten this whole mess up no way is this going to happen like that as todays (mondays) stock market showed

    many good people gave other alternatives that would have cost nothing and would have had immediate results but no the congress and senate who think they know what we want but really only care what they want voted the bill in now we will see what happens nothing good thats for sure

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