Tonights Debate


I planned to post an entry today as I am behind, (mower was down so I had a few weeks of yard work to catch up on), but figure it would be better to wait until I read and/or watch the 2nd round of debates.

As you watch, if you do, remember that the “lead” Obama had of almost 9 by some polls is now down to the margin of error pretty much.  The MSM will already have articles ready to go proclaiming Obama the winner of the debate, just as they did for the first one, despite it being a tie if you take in GOP polls as well as the Dem polls.  And it was a tie.

This is supposed to be McCains strong suit, a town hall type neeting.  We shall see.  McCain really needs to be excited and in control at the same time.  He needs to show that Obama not only lacks the experience, (and not be afraid to say I can’t attack his record because he doesn’t have one), he needs to atack his lack of character with those he has been friends with and those who have been a mentor, his words not McCain’s.

Let’s look at a few of Obama’s friends:

Dr. Khalid al-Mansour – (A millionaire American radical and extremist with ties to the Saudi royal family), helped finance Barack Obama’s Harvard education yet Barrack Obama tells voters he paid his own way to Harvard using student loans. Pro-Hamas, pro-terrorism, anti-Israel

Bernadine Dorn – member and one of the founders of the American terrorist group, The Weather Underground (worked with Michelle Obama and introduced Barrack and Michelle to Bill Ayres)

Bill Ayers – mentor, fellow board member, one of the founders of the American terrorist group, The Weather Underground (worked with Obama in trying to indoctrinate young, grade school students in Chicago with radical, political, socialist; a program paid for by funds from their own board…..can you say Hitler Youth Group)

Jeremiah Wright – so-called minister and teacher of Black Liberation Theology (which estows marxism, hates white America, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas, pro-Louis Farakkhan)

Father Pflegher – another socialist member of Chicago’s academia whose Catholic Church benefitted from over $200,000 in government funding due to his relationship with Barrack Obama

Louis Farrakhan – admitted anti-Semite, radical, anti white, anti US Government activist, awarded and honored by the same church Obama attended for 20 years.

Saul Alinsky – mentor of Barrack Obama – In fact, the opening lines of Alinsky’s book goes as follows: “What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be” (Is it no wonder Barrack Obama’s theme for his candidacy is “CHANGE”). Alinsky believed and practiced Rules for Radicals written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away” from those that have (PREACHED REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH TO GIVE BACK TO THOSE WITHOUT).

Tony Rezko – convicted felon (Rezko benefitted from his friendship with the State Senator from Illinois, owned and developed slums in Chicago; the very community Obama was supposed clean up) – heading to prison, but is talking a deal, so as to have his sentence reduced, (I suspect he won’t really talk until after the election).

Raila Odinga – self professed cousin of Barack Obama (Muslim in Kenya who made a deal to institute Sharia law in Kenya (once the most peace loving nation in Africa) if he was elected its President (Barack Obama campaigned for him in Kenya and was asked by its government to leave). After loosing his election, Raila’s own men armed with machettes, slaughtered old men, women and children who sought refuge in a church). Not one word of condemnation was spoken by Obama regarding these atrocities.

Is he close to these people.  I can’t say with a real positively assurednese but I have to ask how one man has so many bad people that he rubs elbows with.  He will of course say it’s just another personal attack and he will not answer this.  I say there must be a reason he won’t respond.

Don’t just watch the debate, read it.  Many don’t remember that during the Kennedy debate most people believed that Nixon won the debate hands down that only heard it or read the transcript and Kennedy won only by those who watched the debate.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

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