The Audacity of Philistinism


This Country needs to revolt.  Not against the Government, although that’s not a bad idea either, but against the media, both print and video.  They have failed, and failed in a manner unheard of in the history of this Country.

They have neglected their responsibilities as much as the USSC has, which is really saying something.

We have a no experience, no record, no expertise man running for President, who seems to have a VERY long list of “friends and mentors”, who were either radicals, criminals and even a member of the Communist Party and the MSM has not a single question about any of them.  In fact they continue to sing his glory even as his advisers who help his campaign, came from a huge support company of his Fanny and Freddie and were in part responsible for the melt down we are now going through.  Yet the press is quiet.

The MSM idol for over a decade, Sen. McCain, for his stand against the GOP Party line has somehow been portrayed as McBush.  (BTW I want Sen. McCain to, the next time Sen. Obama lays the Bush claim against him to walk up and say; “You seem confused again Sen. Obama, let me introduce myself.  I’m John McCain and I am running for President.  President Bush is ineligible for another term.”

All because a guy got a shot to the National stage by President Clinton, but had no, (and I do mean NO) experience to win a race for The US Senate.  That came with much help from a man who now awaiting a jail term, should have had no real chance at the seat he isn’t even willing to complete a term of.  He wasn’t running for US Senator, he was running for President even then, and tried to get there by voting present.

The MSM is pretty quick to jump on Gov. Palin for not having enough experience to be VP, but have no questions about a man with no experience running for President?  Do you feel like you are being kept ignorant yet?  I cannot believe the voters of this Country aren’t ticked off more than they are.  I can’t believe that his running mate Sen. Biden doesn’t even know the role of the VP according to the Constitution isn’t made fun of like any mis-speak that comes from Gov. Palin.

Here’s what I say.  If Sen. Obama gets selected, (because it will be the MSM that gets him there), then that is a scar that the press will wear forever.  But there is something you can do and start doing right now.  Write your local and National News and demand they investigate this man before the election.  The same for the cable stations.  The same for the print media, and tell them you are cutting them off at the knees.  Tell them you are going to, until such time they go back to reporting instead of supporting, not watch or buy their products or their publications.

The free press is a corner stone of our system of Government, that they neglect that responsibility needs to have a ramification.  One that will hit them where it will hurt, they only place you can have an effect.  Let’s have freedom of the press mean more than we support this candidate and we are not going to question his ability or experience.

Jefferson said of free speech and of the free press, “The truth will out.”  Problem is back in his day there were as many Federalist Papers as there were republican Papers.  Today, that is not even close to the truth.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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  1. Illegal Immigration Says:

    Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.AmbroseBierceAmbrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

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