I have to say the real crisis is the over use of the word crisis.  Let me go over the number of “crisises”  we are now experiencing.

The Climate Crisis, (it use to be called global warming, but the lower temps over the last few years and evidence to the contrary, it’s been change to a climate crisis).

The Financial Crisis, (brought on by the Government and a bunch of greedy companies and people, but the Government is going to fix what they messed up).

The Mortgage Crisis, (see above, it’s all the same thing one building on another).

The Health Care Crisis, (47 million people, half of which are illegal and shouldn’t be here in the first place, let alone recieve tax payer health care).

The Deficit Crisis,  (Government is able to take more from us, but not quite enough so spends more than it gets.  i.e. Financial and Mortgage Crisis, it got it us here, but the Government can just take more of our money, while we can’t demand a raise.).

The Voting Fraud Crisis, (all of a sudden we are surprised that the party of dead voters is giving money to ACORN who is registering no one but Democrats).

This one is mine, The Poll Crisis.  Or it should be called the Media Mis-Reporting Crisis.  In like 6 States, considered close, or so-called battleground States, Sen. Obama is 3% points up on Sen. McCain.  Problem is, no matter how breathless the reporter is about this “move up”, with a margin of error of +/- 3%, it means it is a tie.  Calm down MSM, it means that nothing has really changed.

In short, things aren’t real good.  Regardless of what Democrats say, the Congress holds the pursestrings and the President has only the power to reccommend a course of action.  And to be truthful, the economy hasn’t been bad for the last few years, just the last half year.  Given the hand dealt to President Bush, he over all did a great job of keeping things moving along given 9-11 and other problems.

No denying things aren’t good right now, but the word crisis is about as over-used as the word hero.  Calm down, don’t panic.  We have nothing to fear but liberals themself.  😉


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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