Truth, Myth’s and Outright Lies


Outright Lie #1:  Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama are going to give you a tax break.

Fact is no matter what either of them want, the Democratic controlling the Congress hates the President’s Tax Cuts and in 2010 they WILL expire.  Makes no difference which is in office they are gone.  Sen. Obama might protest slightly, but to no avail thus giving himself cover for the increase.

On the other side of that Sen. McCain can ask for a decrease in any tax or taxes or continuance of the Bush tax cuts, but in 2010 your taxes ARE going to increase.

Truth #1:  Sen. Obama is pushing a Socialist Agenda.  When you advocate “spreading the wealth around”, (Sen. Obama’s phrase not mine), it falls under the first definition of socialism:  any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods”.

On the other side of that Sen. McCain is also in accord with spending the public’s money for the private good, though on a bit more limited scale.

Myth #1: Sen. McCain is McSame as Bush.  For the last 7 years although Sen. McCain has voted with President Bush, (in his words), 90% of the time, when  not running for President, Sen. Obama voted with President Bush about 80% of the time.  Following that logic Sen. Obama is McSame lite.  The facts are is that both McCain and Obama, when there and not running for President, voted in accordance with Party wishes.

Outright Lie #2:  Sen. Obama will give 95% of taxpayers a tax break.  News flash;  Only 65% of Americans pay any income taxes, due mostly to the tax break, (that Democrats are going to let expire in 2010), pushed into law by President Bush..  Screw the %, give me real numbers, because I know for a fact, (simply math), that you can’t decrease spending, give tax breaks, raise taxes on the people that employ most Americans, spend more on mostly everything by using a scalpel to pay for it.  Problem is that it is a lie.  The last Democrat that promised a tax break and help for the health care crisis and the poor increased taxes.  Deja Vu all over again as Yogi would say.

The other side of that is the next President is helpless without the co-operation of the far left leaders of the Congress.  And that is a fact.

Myth #2I am an agent of change.  If I have to explain why that is a myth, you simply have not been paying attention.

There is only one truth here, one reality.  There is ONLY one way to implement change.  The Congress of the United States needs a make-over.  Force them to get a real job by kicking them out.  In huge numbers the people of America voted or expressed their wishes against the bailout bill, yet there it is approved.  Bet you are going to elect “more of the same” as Sen. Obama calls it, difference is that he only applies it to Sen. McCain.

So long as the Congress has an even lower approval rating than the President, that should say to you time for a change.  But don’t believe me, listen to Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Majority Leader who in 2006 said words to the effect that the American People should never again allow one party to control the 2 major branches of Government.

Sounds to me like the Senator is endorsing Sen. McCain.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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