Spread The Wealth!


Everyone should not only listen but think about what people say when running for office.  Let’s take the Dems “concern” over McCain’s plan to tax $500 of medical health care, but forget, or just leave out that with the $5,000 tax break to purchase health care.  In the end with that and the child deduction you actually have more money left than Obama will leave you.

Now lets play the pea under the shell game.  During the debate Obama had a claim that he was going to lower the cost of college education so that enyone that wants to go to college gets to go.  Let’s examine how that works in the real world.

First you are increasing the demand for a service or product.  Any person who understands how the system works can tell you what happens when you increase the demand, and isn’t that the price goes down.  The only way the cost to the individual pays less for college is that the Government gives out a grant to everyone that wants to go to college.  Of course that means more tax dollars are spent.

So, now we have an increase in college degrees.  Now we have an increase of supply of college degrees, which, once again class?  That is right, decreases the worth of the degree.  For an example. Mr. Smith, (top of his class), applies for a job and wants a salary of $40,000 to start.  Mr. Jones, (middle of his class), wants the same job but there is only one position.  So the boss tells Smith that Jones is willing to work for $30,000.  Of course Smith is the better candidate, but given the choice of being out of work or working for $10,000 less, the choice is obvious.

Other things will reflect this action such as; the College will have to hire more Professors, which calls for more spending, which calls for an increase in cost, (you’ll need a couple of new buildings), and the list of cause and effect goes on and on.

Of course it sounds good on the News, but if you really think about the plan and include some logic in the application you should arrive at the conclusion that Sen. Obama is either not telling you the whole truth or simply doesn’t understand how the real world works.

Now, just take everything I just wrote and substitute Health Care and Doctors instead of Professors, and the result is the same.

You have to help your friends that are still on the fence on who is the candidate of choice.  This is the big problem with big Government.  No matter what they tell you the cost is, it is going to cost more than double.  There is NO SUCH THING AS CHEAP when the Government is involved.  Copy this, send them this link, get them to understand what this is going to mean. The explanation cannot get any easier than I just explained it.

Thomas Jefferson believed that NO Generation had the right to pass on their debts to the next generation.  We’ve set up the next 5 generations and beyond if we don’t stop believing that money solves money problems.  The Government that can give you everything, can take everything away.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

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