Take Two of These and Call Me In The Morning


Nothing I hate is a easily seen through falsehood.  Especially when the MSM acts like it isn’t there.  Gen. Powell, who is identified as a “card carrying Republican” has endorsed Sen. Obama.  Now I can call the General a lot of things, but hardly a real Republican, maybe, and it’s weak at best to say that, a RINO, (I note with some interest that when Leiberman backed McCain he wasn’t a card carrying Democrat).

Talk has been around even before Sen Obama was selected over Sen. Clinton, that Powell was thinking of supporting Obama.  Why now and not then?  The day after I think we got our clue, Sen. Obama says he will offer Powell an official or un-official advisory position in his administration.  So now Powell will be back where he wanted to be, back inside the Beltway.

Here’s a clue General, do you know who is fooled by you when you claim that race was not a factor?  The MSM, the rest of the real world knows better.  The second you claim it isn’t race, we all know it is.  And saying in part your choice is because Gov. Palin isn’t ready to be President is just as hollow since she is more than ready to be VP, since she has just as much experience as the weakling that is receiving your endorsement.  So if anyone isn’t ready for the job, consider this, if they are equal in experience, and they most certainly are, then they are both unready, and the scary thing is your judgement that the number one on the Dems ticket is wholely unready for the task despite your endorsement.

News Flash, Sen. Biden says to elect Obama invites a new threat or crisis from foreign shores against this Country.  I know you are going to say that I made that up, so here is the actual words Sen. Biden used;  ”

“Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking,” Biden said.

“Remember I said it standing here. if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. And he’s gonna have to make some really tough — I don’t know what the decision’s gonna be, but I promise you it will occur. As a student of history and having served with seven presidents, I guarantee you it’s gonna happen,” Biden continued.

Pardon me Senator, but if you were actually a student of history, you wouldn’t be backing these failed liberal policies that border on socialism.  You would have learned from history that tossing money at a problem never solves the problem.  Unless you are a failed student of history, which means you are dooming us to repeat this again.

So electing the untested Senator will have him trying to handle;

  1. Housing Crisis
  2. A Finance Crisis
  3. An Energy Crisis
  4. A Banking Crisis, and very soon
  5. An International Crisis

All this for a man who couldn’t handle running for President and be able to show up at work in the Senate for 2 of his 3 years there.  Not that Sen. McCain isn’t doing much better as far as attendance but he doesn’t vote present when he is there.

Now the MS is trying to say that Powell’s endorsement puts an end to inexperience on foreign affairs, especially since he will be part of Obama’s advisory staff.  WRONG, this simply highlights how weak and inexperienced Sen. Obama really is.  So inexperienced that he has to have not only Sen. Biden, (the only reason he is on the ticket), but also has to have Gen. Powell as an adviser also.

Sen. Obama’s own running mate says it is a certainly that if elected Obama will incite an attack on this Country, meaning to me that there will be no such attack if Sen. McCain is elected.  Why?  Because everyone knows that Sen. McCain will respond in a strong and unerring manner.  I note the left continues to base much of Obama against the memory of JFK, let me say just 2 things about that;  1.  JFK brings many memories to Americans, most of them revolve around myth.  JFK was many things, a great President was not one of them.  2.  I remember JFK, though young, and BHO is no JFK, even a mediocre one.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “Take Two of These and Call Me In The Morning”

  1. Pat Says:

    hi chas

    i reall thought before this election race relations in this country had made great strides but since this election i cannot believe the divide the “mwaaiH” has made his platform was unty wasnt it? the ONLY reason powell is backing obama is because he is black i never considered myself to be a prejudiced person but black people are going to vote for obama because he is black not because he is the most qualified how people follow him so blindly amazes me true his rhetoric is great he really knows how to talk but remember jim jones people believed in him blindly and then he led them all to their deaths with kool aid are we so shallow to follow like sheep someone who can talk a good game

    i really cant add anything to what you have already written you are so gifted in that department keep us informed thanks


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