That’s All I Kin Stands…


…I can’t Stands No More”, Popeye

I just have to take a short break from the Constitution, to vent a bit, well, OK, perhaps a lot.

It really bothers me at the complete rejection of journalistic objectivity has been tossed out the window.  I personally have about 6,000 questions that need answers from Sen. Obama, most of which I’ve heard asked, but he danced around, slipped under, and outright ignored.  Yet the American Press just says “OK, thanks for making everyone look like an idiot.”  You say nothing and we all clap out hands in glee.

Hanging PC.  I’d love to hang a black mannequin that looks like Obama and see if it is considered just in bad taste, (BTW, my wife says she’s moving out if I do that, so I guess I won’t, even though I have guns).  Are you kidding me??????  Do you think it would take one day for Jesse Jackson standing on my front lawn with 10,000 people looking for a tall tree and a long length of rope, if not Secret Service Agents taking me off to jail for communicating a threat, hate speech and heaven knows what else.

After decades of proving that Keynesian Economics was a failed idea, Democrats are trying to bring it back.  To you that means higher taxes across the board, larger and further reaching Federal Government.  It means that the Government will tax more, (in service taxes), and spending even more.  This is supposed to increase hiring and build economic expansion.  Problem is that last President that continued to attempt the practice was Carter.  President Reagan showed that it was a false policy.  Let’s keep it buried in the ashes of history and not dig it back up and use it again.

Absentee voting for people still in the State in which they are voting, Registration Fraud, Park Bench Residence Voting.  If you think that this is not a threat to this election you are living in a dream world.  This is a gift to the old Daly thoughts on elections of “vote early, vote often” as you might as well forget knowing the results of the winner for as much as 6 weeks.

There are others like non citizens, but here what I see is the outcome as things are today.  I still believe that McCain ran a failed campaign, but still is within striking distance.  I believe that if Obama wins, it will be contested because of voter fraud charges in numerous States as those States are under investigation as I write this.  If McCain wins, the Democrats will be contesting the results trying to count every illegal vote.

I believe that Americans will, when faced with the choice in the booth, alone with their thoughts and doubts and will come to know what we should all know deep inside.  No matter what the problems in the economy are, no matter what the price of gas is, if there is no National Security, nothing else makes a difference.  It really is that simple.  Green house gases means nothing to the people killed in a dirty bomb attack.  A falling Wall Street means nothing to the citizen who;s head is cut off.

Oh yea, I know liberals call that fear mongering.  It’s actually called reality, (as opposed to saying if McCain is elected you will be even worse off than you are now in 4 years.).  It all seems to depend on your point of view I guess.

Last point;  if you were to take Obama’s name and exchange it with McCain’s, and change Ayers name for Duke, do you really, I mean really deep in your heart, believe that the National Press would have said almost nothing about it?  If you do, you should stay home next Tuesday, cancel you Newspaper and send your computer back to where you bought it.  You obviously don’t know how to use any of them.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

6 Responses to “That’s All I Kin Stands…”

  1. chas Says:

    Thank you Pat.

    Dems also tend to forget, on purpose, that 6 and a half years of Bush gave us a great economy as well as security. They also refuse to acknowledge that things didn’t start getting worse until they took over Congress.


  2. Pat Says:


    well written i have long made the argument that without our safety all the rest means nothing. What good is all the money in the world if we have to live in fear (which we do in some ways now) i beleive in my heart all the things that are happening now the economy , the gas prices are all manufactured due to the election Think what you may of George Bush (and i think well of him) we have not had an attack on our soil for the last 7 years and if you believe its not because of George Bush you are living in a dream world i do not believe we were wrong going into iraq we may have made mistakes along the way but invading iraq was the right thing to do he snubbed his nose at us and the un for years so poor sadam oh we picked on poor sadam please give me a break and to believe he didnt have any wmds just because we didnt find them is ludicrous

    i love living in this country God Bless the USA

    well i think i rambled there but thanks for letting me vent i guess i just basically wanted you to know i totally agree with you i may not express it as well but i am so tired of people bashing us and this wonderful country it makes me ill and if obama gets elected (which I doubt) it will be a sorry day in our history


  3. chas Says:

    Thanks for your comment Sterling. And you are correct that the press has gone so far over the hill they have lost all pretense of objectivity.

    As luck would have it, these idiots have taken down the offensive symbol due to community pressure. So it does show that as individuals we can make a difference.

    Thanks for reading.


  4. Sterling Says:

    Thanks for saying what’s been on my mind, chas. It’s ridiculous to think that this is just “free expression.” If it were Obama in my front yard, hanging from a tree, Jesse and Al would be all over my yard. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s getting completely irrititated with the press and their irresponsibility.

  5. chas Says:


    You could argue that if it went both ways. Do you honestly believe that it would simply in “bad taste” if I hanged, not hung Obama?

    I don’t and don’t believe you wold believe that either.

    Thanks for your comment, (I’m going to kick out the extra one though).


  6. AJ Says:

    In regards to the idiots that hanged (not hung, haha)a fake body in front of their house..I would argue that what makes this country great is our ability to express ourselves the way we like…even though it may be in “bad taste”

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