How Low Can It Go?


One of the more interesting things I’ve heard is the subtle change of Sen. Obama has taken in a number of areas, but the first one I notice is his tax program.

He, of course, started with no one under #250,000 would see a dime of increase in their taxes, in fact 95% would see a tax break.  The other day I heard this , No one under $200,000 will see an increase in taxes and 95% of working individuals will see a tax break.

Of course Biden put the figure around $150,000.  So you have to wonder, at least I do, where is the cut off going to be if Obama ends up in the White House.

Now Congress will be incontrol of things and if you take them at their word, all of Bush’s tax cuts, so regardless of what Obama says, I see no way all of us are going to be paying more taxes in 2010.

I haven’t seen anything or heard anything that changes that plan that has been a Democrat talking point for years now.  I find it hard to believe that they are going to change it now.  So since I don’t hear them talk about it, including Obama, I have to believe that the rates are going to rise.  It goes without saying that Obama has plausable excuse since it would be Congress that failed to renew the cuts.

Now rigitity isn’t always the best course to run your life by, but there are some base things that you should stand by.  How many different stories are we going to hear, or how many changes to his “plan” are we going to hear?

Let’s see:

  1. Rev. Wright, from mentor to monster.
  2. Ayers, from fellow board member to some guy who did bad things when he was 8.
  3. $250.000 to $200,000 for tax increases.
  4. Will use public financing, and then claim Private was better for the system.
  5. Will quit smoking if he ran for President, (made this promise to his wife).
  6. Refuses to show health records or Birth Certificate.

And there are many more I’m sure.

Obama claims most of his spending plan is off-set by spending cuts, but cannot name a single program he is going to cut.  He dances around it by saying he will go through the budget line by line, but wait, didn’t he vote for the present budget?  So how come he can’t identify a single program?  Can’t he get a copy of the budget?  You would think that a man who thinks he is smart enough to run the Country would be smart enough to have at least one or two programs in hand.  If he’s smart enough to run the Country wouldn’t you think he could look that far ahead?

Or could it be that he knew that the Press simply wouldn’t challenge him on that fact?  Yea, I think so also.

I am going to be honest here.  I am not a huge McCain fan.  I didn’t like any of the front runners coming out of the GOP, but Obama is just plain scary.  So why do I support McCain?  For that I will take you back to the race of Jefferson and Adams in 1800.

Months went by and no candidate could collect a majority.  Poll after Poll went by and the results didn’t budge much at all.  The March date for the President to take his seat drew dangerously close, something had to give, (back in the day they called that compromise).

Hamilton, who opposed Jefferson, finally took his people off to the side and said “better the devil we know”.  Although Hamilton was no fan of Jefferson, but the just formed republic was uneasy at best.  So even though Hamilton put Country first and though opposed Jefferson, knew him to be a honest man who would do the best he could as he saw it, for the Country.

Burr was as scary to Hamilton as another term of Adams, so he threw his support behind Jefferson.

And there you have it.  Obama is an opportunist and inexperienced at national politics.  Sorry, I can’t go where no man has been before.  This isn’t Star Trek or a TV show.

Remember, no matter how much the Government want’s to give you, someone has to pay for it, and that someone might just be you.  And everything you have means nothing if our security is compromised.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


10 Responses to “How Low Can It Go?”

  1. chas Says:

    As I have often said, when we knew better, we did better.

    Sad truth is, we now have politicians, the years of the statesman is so long dead. And we are the poorer for it.


  2. Sterling Says:


    Please keep writing. I for one will keep reading. Love Jefferson. One of my personal heroes. I read on Alisyn’s Green Room blog the other day, someone blowing you wind about Jefferson keeping slaves. You handled your responses very well. Enlightened as he was, he was, afterall, a man of his times. That we should have such individuals running for office now.

  3. chas Says:


    If what I write sounds like you, it is because we share a love of the foundation on which this republic was based.

    The rebellion quote was part of the Jefferson family crest.

    it’s a shame that more haven’t been taught about what it took to lay that foundation.

    Thanks again for your input Sir.


  4. Sterling Says:

    I like what you write, chas! Thank you for your thoughts, sir. I see myself and my own thoughts in your writing. I too love the Revolutionary period. I love reading everything leading up to this country’s independence, as well as after.

    I fear we may all need to read up on it in order to recreate it if the current situation worsens. After all, as you quoted: “Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

    I wouldn’t be nearly so concerned about Obama if he didn’t have so many like-minded and powerful people backing him. His philosophies scare me witless.

  5. chas Says:


    My second love is history around the Revolutionary War, from around 1750 to 1812. I keep wanting to get past 1812 but keep finding new things to read…lol

    Thanks for your comments and insight. Like you I have never been a McCain fan, but Obama outright scares me and causes me some fear for my Country.

    I am humbled that you take to time to read what I write.


  6. Sterling Says:

    As I’ve said many times, McCain was not my first choice. He is, however, now my only choice. Without national security, other issues matter naught.

    The government has only those rights to which we give it. We are coming perilously close to voting it all rights, so that it may determine to choose what our rights may be. This is not what my copy of the Constitution says.

    Thanks for a wonderful article, and for the analogy to Jefferson and Adams.

  7. chas Says:

    Thank you Ms. Anita,

    I’m am happy you came by. 😉


  8. Anita in Virginia Says:

    chas–good article.

  9. chas Says:

    Good point Pat.


  10. Pat Says:

    hi chas

    very good piece all i can say is amen

    one thing though if he couldnt find his birth certificate or his medical history what would make you think he would be smart enough to look at the budget and find something to cut oh well just a thought


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