Is It Down To The Wire?


How close is this election really?  If you listen the the MSM it’s a lock and Obama is the next President.  But let’s look at the polls and the wild swings and gaps in the polls.  I believe many are afraid to speak what they really feel.  But to be honest this isn’t what worries me, it’s the registration fraud, the absentee voting, (while still living and being in State), and the very problematic situation of early voting.  Let’s look at the early voting first and where that may lead.

The Democrats are very keen on early  voting and let me tell you there are so many problems with that it’s hard to figure out where to start.

First, is it possible that finding that Obama is cheating on reporting on his contributors might change you mind?  Is it possible that knowing that he and his supporters have lowered the “tax cut” line from $250,00, down to $120,000 might cause you to change your vote?

What about the fraud registrations?  Might that change your mind if you find that ACORN is trying to fix the election, or at least taint it?  Well if it is, and/or might happen, it’s too late for you, because you already voted.

And here is my second reason for not liking early voting, fraud.  It seems that in many States they can hardly keep track of who is actually eligible to vote, let alone how many times they do vote.  People  say oh come on, it can’t effect the election.  500 votes in Florida was the difference in 2000.  It can’t what?  If you think that registration fraud isn’t a big deal, but if you don’t see through this you don’t understand football.

If you understood a screen play you’d understand how the fraud works.  A screen play works by having the running back “bump” a player and then slip outside, then the front line allows the defense to break the protection and when they do, the quarterback dumps a short pass to the running back.  Now the only thing that stops the running back is the secondary, but your front line is in front of the running back.

How does that apply?  If you run a stunt, that is make them think one thing and then do another, just like a screen play.  Register a Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse and even the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and after time those who look over the registrations get so use to seeing obvious fakes, that Joe Plumber, looks legit and from there it is only a short hop to a fake ID.  Trust me on that, in MD I can buy a fake Drivers License for about $75 dollars.  And I live in the middle of where.

And where and why should someone that is living in the State and going no where get’s to vote without going to the polling place.  If they can’t track legal voters, what’s to stop them from voting in person for a second time?  It’s the Daly option of voting in IL, “Vote early and Vote often”.

So please don’t tell me that a few fraud registrations aren’t a concern.  Please don’t tell me that illegals voting can’t effect the race or it’s outcome.  Please don’t tell me that lying polls, articles and media claiming the race is over doesn’t effect the outcome.

So I say to you, every American who will help swing this election one way or another think on this.  McCain served this Country more years in a POW Camp than Obama has in the US Senate.  If you are willing to give away your hard earned money, if you are willing to compromise the Nations Security, if you are willing to allow your fate and the Country’s to a man who has NO experience and will require months to get up to speed, (many made that charge against Clinton), then Obama is certainly your man.

But I may put my record on the line here, and I will explain that in a second, I see that in the end McCain wil win by a smaller margin than Bush did in 2000.  I haven’t been wrong since LBJ until Clinton’s secong term, (and I would not have been wrong then had the Washington Post exposed Monicagate until after the election).

But this will not be possible unless the general public reads and listens to what the Democrats and sees through the sliding scale of the tax plan Obama is pushing.  Jefferson said, (paraphrased) ” the best defense of our freedoms is a well informed populace”, that is you are not being served by the MSM.  Ignoring the obvious is something that we cannot afford.  The MSM is in the tank and in their beliefs are in the tank for liberal advance of Governmental power.

May God guide your vote and common sense.  I may not have the same faith in the human condition as Jefferson did, but I do have faith that Americans will see the truth when they enter the voting booth.  Remember Harry Reid said in 2006 that “We should never allow one party to hold power over the House and White House ever again:.  Maybe his words have come to haunt him if people would only listen.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


11 Responses to “Is It Down To The Wire?”

  1. chas Says:

    I have one word, Rogan…lol

    Yes it is in fun Lori. But the reason you read the passion, (and I do thank you for that compliment), is because I believe in what I write. I can’t write about things I don’t believe in.

    The best thing about this being over will be me going back to the historical significance of the Constitution in today’s Government.

    Be well my friend.


  2. lori Says:

    You know it’s all in good fun Chas ( I hope).

    My family is doing great, except my poor husband is loosing what little hair he has left over the stock market crash! LOL But everything that really matters is wonderful! Now, if only my Steelers can pull one off tomorrow we will be all set! Sorry about your Packers, I was pulling for them today.

    I can feel the passion in all of your posts Chas, and I think that is the best compliment a writer can have. Take care and give my regards to Eileen.

    xoxoxo Lori

  3. chas Says:

    Ms. Liz,

    I thank you for taking the time to read and am especially happy that you share this with your Hubby.

    It really is people like you are the reason I write.


  4. chas Says:


    I think you know me better than that, I do try and be a man of my word. I’ll even provide directions.

    However, I don’t think you will have a winner on Tuesday night. In fact I’d be surprise if we even know in November. But time will tell.

    As I see it, there are only 2 choices, either McCain wins or it ends up in court no matter who wins. Mostly because of ACORN and very questionable donations, registrations and fraud voting.

    Not what I want to see, but with 12 states under investigation, it doesn’t look like an easy win for either.

    I hope you and the family are well.


  5. lori Says:

    So does this mean the Sam Adams bet still stands? LOL Gary will be in DC on Tuesday so I’ll send him up to collect for me!

    Good luck and may the best man win.;-)

    xoxoxoxo Lori

  6. Liz K Says:

    As they say, “from your lips …” I enjoy your pieces and often share them with my husband. Unfortunately, if Obama is our next wake up call, he could damage the Supreme Court in a way that would take generations to fix, and who knows what our country would look like by then.

  7. chas Says:


    I believe that sometimes God let’s things happen to wake us up. Carter gave us Reagan, 9-11 gave us unity, even if for a short time.

    I hope Obama isn’t the next wake up call.


  8. Pat Says:


    all traditions in this country have gone by the wayside why not election day also election day is supposed to be the first tuesday after the second monday in november what ever happened to that ( i think i have that correct) also absentee ballots were supposed to be for those unable to make it to the polls anyone can now use the absentee ballot

    i wish more people were able to read your blog maybe you could wake some people up i too think mc cain will win i pray every night God will bless this country and keep us safe and let the right thing happen in this election or let Him have mercy on our souls it will be a very sad place to be for the next four years

    keep the words coming and keeping us informed thanks


  9. Sterling Says:

    So true, so true! I too like to save those little tidbits for later. Fortunately for us, they give us much to save.

  10. chas Says:

    I know you are correct, but nothing is a better weapon against the foe than his own words. 😉

    Again thanks for your readership.


  11. Sterling Says:

    Unfortunately, Harry meant we should never let the Republican party hold power over the House and the White House again. We know he wasn’t referring to his own party, for goodness sake!

    Another good piece, Chas. Thanks for letting me “hear” it.

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