Fourth and Twenty


No doubt that anyone who watching this election is expecting a close call, (except those so wrapped up in the aura of their party).  Those not thinking well believe that a landslide is coming tomorrow for Obama.

Others who sit and watch, even if they have a preference, clearly see that this is no where near a lock.  This stands to be an even closer election than 2000 was.

This is what I do truly believe that we have many problems.  My sadness is that so many have such blind hatred against the President they have closed out everything but the hate.  People tend to forget that the President is not much more than a figurehead with the bully pulpit.  The actual power resides in the House of Congress.

Blame towards the President as the cause of all the woes of the Country, simply is a non-thinking reaction, being fueled by others that simply have an agenda.  President did many very good things while in Office, to deny that is simply to deny reality.

Senator Obama, no matter how much I disagree with him, will not bury the Country, we will, in my opinion, just be a poorer Country for his Administration.  Senator McCain will not launch new wars, unless attacked, and we would hope that Sen. Obama would protect us first and foremost.  He is not going to dump our economy following a similar pattern that Bush has.  Truth is the Government can do little to do much about the economy except damage it.  Excess taxes and over regulation can hurt the market, but you can do little with laws to pick up the economy.

The only true measure of our vote should be this, in a time when we have enemies looking to harm us, will or who is willing to protect our security.  Because, as I have said before, without security of our shores, NOTHING, and I mean nothing else means a thing.

You can consider the tax plans. the bailout, the war, but the last question you really must ask yourself is will this man protect that is most precious to us, our kids, our family our friends.  And if you have a single doubt about who you are electing, you might want to think twice.

Last item is taxes.  Think on this, (forget the screwed up math), if the 95% of now working Americans, (use to be 95% of all Americans, until it was pointed out that less than that actually pay taxes), will not see a tax increase. Anyone else remember the Bush Tax Cuts being called evil by the Democrats?  I do, and I also remember 2 years of how the Bush tax cuts were dead in 2010.  Then recall how the rate has shifted from $250,000 to $200,000 to $150,000 and then to $120,000 in just the last few days.  Guess it takes more to spread the wealth than they thought.

Pennies, nickles and dimes do not hire people.  Complain all you want about tax breaks for those who have, they hire people when they have the money to do so.  They expand business when they have the money.  Guess what happens when you take it away.

Vote wise.  Vote informed.  Vote as if your Country depends upon on it.  This is not the most important election in our history, though all involved try and tell us that.  The most important election was held years ago when we ratified the Constitution to create our republic.  The next most important election will be when we destroy it.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


2 Responses to “Fourth and Twenty”

  1. chas Says:

    At the end of the War, King George was said to quip; “They fought for freedom from taxation without representation. Let’s see how they like taxation with representation.”

    The next wall was breached with FDR. It is possible that if he wins, Obama may be the next hard turn left and that would sound the death toll for the Constitution. We hardly survived FDR and the slow drift left since then. Each swing left has only gained a bit of the return back to the center.

    Every swing dooms us further down the road towards the fail policies of the socialist like Europe. Some wounds you never fully heal from.


  2. Sterling Says:


    I agree with you that the most important election was the one that ratified our Constitution. I do wonder though if this election, while certainly not the most important one in our history, is the one that will set in motion the events that will compromise the very integrity of our Constitution. I’m very concerned that so many in our country would turn their back on that document.

    My second concern is taxes. No taxes without representation was a battle call in the beginning of our great nation’s history. Well, we certainly now have plenty of representation, and certainly many more taxes. The working people of this country are being taxed half to death. We can not continue to attempt to tax and spend our way out of a recession. Good luck to the man who realizes this and acts upon it.

    Thanks for the article. See you on the other side, sir.

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