After The Ball…


Very old song my Mother use to play when I was young.  As I recall everything came, “After The Ball”.  Well the ball is over and the Democrats have secured a large lead in the Federal Government.  I wish them well and moreover wish us well.  Perhaps they have learned the lesson from their ways that cost them control back in ’94.  I have not seen any evidence of that in the last decade, (if anything it seems worse), but time will tell.

I also wish to give credit to my wife who back in the 90’s when she saw Obama for the first time said, “that guy is going to be President”.  I laughed and said it is possible in a couple of decade or more.  No one is going to elect someone with a couple of month’s or even years of experience.  Guess I gave the American people more credit than they deserve.  Jefferson suffered from the same affliction.  So kudos to my wife for her forward sight on that one.

Second, my friend Lori, as she said way back when Obama trailed Hillary that Obama was going to win it all.

However Lori, I still won the argument over the youth vote.  Once again it was up only 1% from the last election and had almost no effect on Obama’s winning at all.  So feel free to come collect your Sam Adam’s at your a time of your choice.  😉

Unlike some from both sides, I am not going to rant or rave over this loss.  I am not going to cry and whine or feel cheated.  I do think that the American people were under served by the press and the media, but we can make them pay the price by simply no longer buying their service.  Way too much on the internet these days to need them anyway.  I am going to sit back and give Obama a chance.  I am not going to show him any more respect than President Bush has been served.  That is to say any.  He is going to have to earn that.

Someone in the Greenroom at Fox was hating with glee over the victory.  I won’t go into what she said but it involved the GOP using slime tactics and gloating over the victory.  She of course, as most American’s do, live with a very short memory, the scorch the earth politics of Clinton.  The glee and contempt of the GOP when they took the House.  So just how much change did you vote for and get Ma’am?  Sounds like the same old thing to me and it will always be the same old thing because the left HATES.  It will stay the same because the GOP cannot keep it’s fingers out of the cookie jar any better than the left can.

The rhetoric printed in the press will give the hate and partisanship the paper and fuel on which to burn.  Because, quite frankly, there is not a stateman in the lot of ya’s.  The whole damn lot of ya, are more concerned with keeping your seat, following your party than you are trying to run the nation and help out its people, within the confinements of the Constitution.

So the only “Yes We Can” I see us able to have is yes we can do more of the same.  I am willing to give this man a shot, as I have no choice, (well, I have some.  I could already be bashing him).  But if this Country is not going to go the way of Rome, we better wake up people.  Bread and Circuses didn’t work for Rome and it isn’t going to work for us.


God Save America


5 Responses to “After The Ball…”

  1. chas Says:


    I agree that the office deserves respect, and I think Clinton did much to tear that down and Bush, or rather the hate there of took it up a number of notches.

    John Adams told us that “Party” would destroy this Republic, so far we seem on a course to fulfill his insight.

    My thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. I am honored.


  2. chas Says:


    I want this to be true. However the first move of the unifier was to name off a large number of some of the most partisian hard left shrills that Clinton had to offer. This is not a unifying sign to say the least.


  3. l1kolacny Says:

    I have become increasingly upset with the lack of respect for the office of President. It is one thing (and a perfectly appropriate one) to disagree with the policies of the man. It is quite another to engage in mean-spirited personal attacks. Those are what we have seen time and again over the last several years, and I fear that will continue. While I am not pleased with the outcome of the election, we will soon have President Obama. I will honor his office and pray that he does nothing to dishonor it. That makes me a member of the loyal opposition, one who will be keeping a close eye on his policies.

  4. Eileen Says:

    The American People have spoken and we have a new president. I think he is a good unifier and we surely need that right now.

    Mr Obama has a very tough job to do. I would certainly not want it myself.
    I pray that is does not take another crisis like 9/11 for us all to remember it is not Democrats against Republicans—it is America against those who would want to take our freedoms away.

    My prayers are with you and your family. I look forward to seeing young children in the White House and their laughter echo in the halls.

    the wife

  5. lori Says:


    You bring the beer and I’ll supply the steaks, and together your family and mine will have a wonderful meal, And maybe just maybe that could be a metaphor for what our nation.

    Thanks for the props!

    Now if only your Packers wouldn’t have let me down this week I’d be 25 bucks richer! 😉

    Take care, and know I’ll be readin, and perhaps even learning a thing or two.

    xoxooxxo Lori

    PS: youth vote: congrats!

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