“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….



Like an old Christmas song.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Clinton, all around DC.  With Rahm Emanuel, his liberal bell to sell, and let’s not forget ole Tommy Daschle…

Yes it’s beginning to look a lot like Clinton, old cronies everywhere, and the most scariest site we’ll see is the tax bill that will be on our own front door.

I still want to give the P-E a chance, but for heavens sake, where’s the change?  Where is anything but golden oldies left over from the years of yuck of the Clinton Administration?  Just so far there is Tommy “I’ll obstruct everything and take my ball home” Daschle and Rahm “I can shout and slap harder than you can” Emanuel.

Then wants to “help” the Immigration problem with the Governor of the State with one of the worse illegal problems and most porous border in the Country to head Homeland Security?  Oh and here’s a great appointment let’s have the AG be the guy who recommended the Mark Rich be pardoned, Eric Holder.   Remember you the people voted for change and the change you are getting is, Washington insiders with a liberal agenda to replace the Washington insiders with a hardly conservative agenda.

How’s that change working for you so far?  Old Barney Frank is still playing slap and tickle with Freddie and Frannie, (though more with Freddie I suspect), and is just now thinking that something might be wrong.  Dodd would like to care, but he is busy with his below prime loan home to look into it.  And let’s not forget Rep Waxman, who even looks like something from the old Kung Fu series, is now in lock step with the House Communist with his new appointment.

Remember you voted for change.  How’s that working for you so far?

Isn’t a real shame that those stupid republicans cried wolf, that the media didn’t vet this guy and even worse that you didn’t see this coming?  Now no matter how moronic and far left this Administration goes, your pride will keep you from admitting you screwed up, were mis-served by the media and the republicans were correct, (as well as right).

You almost have to understand his selections.  After all there isn’t much to pick from with experience, to make up for his lack of it, since Democrats have only been in the White House 8 of the last 28 years.  If he were actually an agent of change there is lots of experience out there, it just doesn’t lean far enough left for him.

Janet Napolitano?  Come on, really?  One of the worse run boarders in the Country and she is going to be handling immigration?   Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to just disband ICE?

Of course lets hope that no kids are involved in the rush to come here since his A.G. pick is Eric Holder.  Those might get a trip home at gun point like Elian did.  Oh wait, that only applies to kids who escape from Communist Countries.  My mistake.  Of course pardon’s for the Rich (pun intended), will be for sale if past experience has taught us anything.

Timothy Geithner, who worked under Rob. Rubin, (another Clinton guy), for the Treasury.  But not all are Clinton people, Sam Nunn goes back to Carter, now that will fill us with hope and change….lol

Two choices that confuse me are Hillary Clinton as Sec of State.  What confuses me about it is her accepting the position.  She is now under his thumb and I don’t think it would happen in this manner, but wouldn’t look good if fired.  The other confusing thing is the media touting her experience in foreign policy matters.  Really?  You mean being married to a President and 1+ terms as a Senator makes you experienced as a foreign policy expert?  Yea, and a nieghborhood organizor makes you qualified to be President.  Dr. Rice has a degree, a couple of times over in foreign policy, Clinton is a lawyer.

Nothing confusing about Bill Richardson, except that it is like getting married to the person you are cheating with.  If they cheat on their spouse chances are they will cheat on you.  Richardson owes his political life to Clinton and kicked them to the curb the second he saw Obama was in the lead in the primary.  Good luck if things don’t go well Barry, Bill doesn’t have a very good record of supporting those who support him.

Otherwise I have no complaints against Richardson so long as they don’t give him or trust him to safeguard sensitive information that might be sold to foreign Countries.

New names keep popping up as I type so more information will be added as time permits to do research.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


6 Responses to ““It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….”

  1. marc rich Says:

    Former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama ‘s aides have privately asked senators whether Washington attorney Eric Holder would be confirmed as the next attorney general, according to a person

  2. Jennifer Says:


    I love the article. I agree that going back to the 90s is NOT change. It’s just a change…from Bush. Of course he’s going to make sure that he reminds us of that in 4 years. “I promised you change, and you got change from what you had for 8 years. Yadda yadda yadda.”

  3. Sterling Says:


    I would hope that the president elect who campaigned and won on “change we can believe in” would be able to provide such change, with experience, on his own terms. Were all his supporters supposed to know that he really meant “change from the current administration to the previous administration?” If so, we should all be very afraid. I believe, policy aside, that most of America did not believe he was experienced enough to lead our county. And that’s why he did not win the landslide that was expected.

    What kind of change were you expecting, sir?

  4. chas Says:


    There is a difference between inexperience and education. Condi Rice was basically a teacher, but political foreign affairs was her area of study, especially the Soviet Union.

    hillary is a lawyer.

    To appoint almost nothing but old cronies from Clinton shows no change at all.

    I can find you dozen of individuals who have the potential to help this country if you can make it past the partisanship and stop digging so deep into every aspect of their life.

    We lose much by so deeply digging into non-elected positions and by doing so keep those who could help the most out of contention.


  5. darkblue_b Says:

    with the new P-E under heavy fire from the conservative noise machine on all sides, you think he could appoint completely inexperienced individuals to crucial positions and get out alive? I am neither a conservative nor liberal, Democrat nor Republican. I say though it *is* time for change and we give this P-E a chance to do it.

  6. Pat Says:


    excellent article and your “sarcasm” is delightful i dont know what else i can add except its going to be pretty darn interesting


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