Next to the 4th, is there a more real American Holiday than Thanksgiving?  Actually we have a few holidays that are ours and ours alone, but others have something that is similar.

But Thanksgiving is special because even the lightly religious families take the time to feast and be thankful, if not to God, to providence, that we have what we enjoy here in this Country that is ours.  Others may have, but no Country has more than we do.  God bless the child that has his own, and we have our own.

True, there have been better times than we are experiencing today, but it is also true that we have experienced worse times.  But we are blessed in ways that no other Country can claim.  Our “poor” in many cases have 2 TV’s with cable and at least one car, some two.

Only those who refuse to avail themselves of services are forced to eat a Lard sandwhich with a slice of onion.  My Grandfather said he was often glad to have this for dinner in his growing years in the early 1900’s.

During the depression, (he claimed there was nothing “Great” about it), he worked 3 part time jobs 7 days a week to avoid taking Government handouts.  And he wasn’t alone in that type of thinking.

Every Thanksgiving he would fold his hands and thank God for a few things and I want to share them with you.

I thank you Lord for allowing me to live in this Country.  I thank you for allowing my Father to make the journey to this Country, that they accepted him here, and you allowed him to flurish here, (seems flurish means lard sandwhiches…lol), and I thank you Lord for the blessings of the family that is gathered for this bounty set before us.  Thank you for our freedom of will, of choice and bless us with the wisdom to use them wisely.  Most of all thank you for the blessing of good health.

Before you sit down to dinner on this blessed day, while the turkey is roasting, spend a few minutes on the computer you are sitting at right now and look up some history.  Read about the life of those who were here and are now gone.  Read about how our forefathers drove across this Country, read about what they suffered through to settle the wilds of this Country, (and forget the new re-written version of how evil we are), and managed to build through nothing but determination a power never seen on this planet.

You are eating turkey, boo hoo no caviar this year. I’m sure those early people were glad to have a stringy rabbit.  No $800 bottle of wine?  Wahh, how about old stale, water with dust in it to wash down the stringy rabbit?  This sounds so 50’s, but it is true.  While you are dinning in your heated home this holiday, some family is sitting in the dirt fighting flies so they can eat their cold over-cooked rice.

There are going to be people that will throw out more food this day than many families will eat this week, if not this month.  And you managed to pay for it, and cried about it.    Some people in other places just cry about not having food.

Read a bit and see how others live and find how really blessed you really are.  Understand how God has blessed you by what some believe is chance and having you live in this great Country.  At our worse, there is no other Country in the HIstory of the world who has done more for others as well as itself, that is its own citizens, at our best, the beaming light that provides the world with the hope and promise of freedom.

God bless you and yours.  I thank the Lord for his generous nature, our Country and the honor of sharing it with each of you.

Happy Thanksgiving,


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


9 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Gini Says:

    Hi Gary…not so, but I guess it’s all in the telling? Glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as well as you, Chas and Eileen. I enjoyed your piece, but then, I always do. My son wanted your site, so I think he will be looking also. lol

  2. Gary Says:

    I have discovered the error of my ways and I am sure I’ll catch hell from Lori when she gets home from shopping. It was a different republican blog Lori got booted from, all ready something or rather, sorry for the confusion I had a couple bookmarked and mixed the two up. She had sent me a few things this guy from Georgia wrote about her along with a woman on the site but I didn’t realize the difference. They were SOBS to her, you aren’t Sorry buddy. GARY

  3. Gary Says:

    Hey Chas and Eileen I am Lori’s husband Gary.

    She has shown me a few of your articles and I have enjoyed them very much. Back in the day when I had some free time I was a bit of a history buff myself. I hear you like trivial pursuit? We could kick some ass if we were team members if we didn’t let the beer drinking get in the way.

    It is nice to see you being kind to Lori, last I heard she got kick off of this blog? I might have misheard (or didn’t listen carefully) but thanks anyway. Are you the guy from Georgia? We had a good laugh over it ….. my Lori the rebel! Only she could get kicked off republican blog! LOL

    hey, take care and have a Happy holiday season. GARY

  4. chas Says:

    Ms. Lori,

    The only thing missing is having you and yours close enough to share a nitecap and some conversation.

    May your turkey be moist. 😉


  5. lori Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Chas and Eileen!

    Football and turkey what more could we ask for! 😉 Now if only Dallas would get crushed my day would be complete! LOL

    I hope unez enjoy your day.

    xoxooxoxoxo Lori

  6. Eileen Says:

    That is a very wonderful blog chas. Here is a little quote from one of my favorites bloggers called MorningRamble

    “The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving.” That is Thanksgiving !
    We tend to think of thanksgiving this time of year more as a Noun, but it’s a Verb too. It is an action word. Try to think less about the meal, the gluttony or the football game and think more about entering each and every day with Thanksgiving for what we have. “

  7. TnDeb Says:

    Hey chas,

    Thanks chas, for reminding me to be more thankful for everyday and all that I am blessed with. My mother and father lived through very hard times growing up and even their early years together. They taught us to never waste anything and to give to those in need. That has always stuck with me, and I have instilled that in my children and I am working on my grandchildren now.

    I am very proud to live in this country and I am truly thankful for our forefathers, they have paved a very rough road for us.

    God Bless and have a wonderful Turkey Day.

  8. Margie Says:

    Hey chas,

    Great job! I’m glad you mentioned your blog on Janice’s blog because I’ve gotten behind in reading yours. I have some catching up to do but I’m glad I took the time to read this entry. You’re right about so many things. I mentioned on Janice’s blog that we take a lot for granted and I’m trying not to do that. God has truly blessed me and this country. We are so much better off than a lot of the world and yet people complain about so much. I thank God for all He has given me and I’ll make sure I tell Him that often!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.


  9. Pat Says:

    excellent piece chas

    i am grateful every day for being born in this wonderful country and in my thanks tomorrow will be our wonderful troops who are in the middle of hell some where while we are sitting in our cozy warm homes eating more food than we should be and then taking a nap when they are looking for people who are trying to harm us oh yes they are my heroes for sure

    people in this country so take for granted what we have i really never have i am thankful that i was lucky enough to be born in this wonderful land of ours
    one of my gransdsons one time told me “gramma” if you got cut you would bleed red, white and blue i considered that a wonderful comment and that they even noticed i hope i have passed that down to them

    i am one of the guilty ones that doesnt know a lot about our history but reading your blog has taught me a lot and for that i thank YOU

    to you and yours Happy Thanksgiving

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