Week 13 F&F NFL Results


This is the picks for this week at Fox & Friends: (Winning Team in Bold)

NY Giants @      Washington

Alisyn, Dave Rick         Clayton

Pittsburgh @       New England

….                         Alisyn, Clayton, Dave, Rick

Denver @     NY Jets

Dave                       Alisyn, Clayton, Rick

Carolina @      Green Bay

…….                   Alisyn, Clayton, Dave, Rick

So the standings are:

1.  Alisyn   29-23

1.  Clayton  29-23

1.  Dave  29-23

2.  Rick   26-26



2 Responses to “Week 13 F&F NFL Results”

  1. chas Says:


    As hard as it is to believe, I made a slight error. It is a 3 way tie for first place.

    Actually I wanted to take the Steelers, but last minute changed my mind.

    Time got tight so I didn’t do enough research.


  2. lori Says:

    Way to go Alisyn! She has made her way back to a 2 way tie for number one.

    We are making our way back to MI from Foxboro. I fired up your site while sitting at Mansfield Airport (I think that’s the name) with some of our friends, to see what the standings were. I am still pumped about last night, the Steeler nation was loud and proud here. What a game—— what a night! My Steelers are bringing it home.

    Nobody went with the Steelers, mistake.;-)

    What is this I hear about Cowher going to Cleveland????

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