Post-Partisan Depression


Had James Madison been required to work with the likes of Barney Franks there never would had been the great compromise, more commonly known as the Constitution.

From the party of P-E Obama comes statements like this:

“It is a grave mistake to assume that parties are irrelevant to this process,” he said. “My one difference with the president-elect, about whom I am very enthusiastic, is when he talks about being post-partisan.

“Having lived with this very right wing Republican group that runs the House most of the time, the notion of trying to deal with them as if we could be post-partisan gives me post-partisan depression,” Frank said.

Does this sound like a change in how Washington works?  Not a word from the transition team or the P-E for that matter.  Seems that after being out of power for over a decade the Democrats have learned nothing.  They continue to blame the GOP for so much of the rancor in Washington, but truth be told it started with the treatment the GOP suffered under the 40 years of Democratic control from the 50 to the 90’s.

Frank also claimed:  … that regulatory legislation aimed at preventing abuses related to subprime mortgages and credit cards stood a much better chance next year, when Democrats have greater majorities in the House and Senate.

Does it really?  Please show me where being in control for the last 2 years has done anything but make things worse Barney.  You and the socialist blocked changes in regulation for more oversight in 2003 when the President requested it.  You ignored and blocked the same when McCain called for it 2 years ago.  Now you think it’s a good idea?  About 2 years late and 750billion dollars short.

It might be cooled down a bit if the P-E were to do more than just smile and laugh while dodging questions on the economy during his record setting number of press events.  No complaints from the media so far but the P-E has been artfully ducking the chances of how well the steps taken will help.  Translation:  he hasn’t a clue.  I hope this cabinet of his is better informed.

Speaking of his cabinet, according to CNN, 75% approve of P-E Obama’s Cabinet choices.  Funny that since a few of them were under investigation for one thing or another.  Handing out nuclear technology to China, approval of a pardon for Rich and then there is the Rose Law Firm papers that were never turned over.  A short memory is such a great thing for those tied up in agenda.  It gives you the peace of mind that the Government is basically honest and is working for something other than their re-election.

Here is the trouble with all of this, it’s a circus .  A half a dozen media events since the election?  Is this a rock show or a Government?  I’m already sick of having this guy around and he hasn’t even taken over yet.  P-E just sit down and shut up until you take over.

A press release is just fine every time you pick a new Clinton person, you don’t need to stand up there and dodge questions.  Although I have to give credit where credit is due, how you are managing this transition is change from the traditional way it’s been done.  No one else seemed this ego driven as to think they needed to so much face time.

Let’s face it, with people like Dodd, Frank and a host of others, there isn’t going to be any change in DC.  Frank isn’t even trying to pretend there will be.  Anyone with half a brain had to know nothing was going to change and if you still believe that change is what got the P-E elected, you need to go back and read my last blog.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


4 Responses to “Post-Partisan Depression”

  1. chas Says:


    I believe you have the point exactly.


  2. Sterling Says:

    Great piece, chas. I keep saying give him a chance, too, but I am getting more and more concerned as each week passes. And cartoon characters like Yosemite Sam, errrr, I mean Barney Frank are not making me any more comfortable.

  3. chas Says:

    Somehow Pat, it seems like he is already in the campaign mode for 2012 and he hasn’t hardly got out of the 2008 campaign and taken office yet.

    I keep saying give him a chance……


  4. Pat Says:

    PE Obame is all about ego he dodges questions put to him by the press
    he is acting the same way he did while campainging should be an interesting couple of months ahead of us when he really is “the only president”


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