Good For The Goose…


…Good For The Gander.

Nancy Pelosi wants a “car csar”  to oversee how the millions already allocated to the car companies is spent now that they are in trouble.  Not to oversee what the money was for in the first place, but how they are going to spend it now!

She maintained little would be accomplished if company executives were “left to their own devices.”  Pelosi said she thought taxpayers should consider it “a second chance” for the industry, rather than a bailout.

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank said he was “optimistic” that a final auto agreement would be reached on Wednesday.  He also told FOX News that it would be advantageous if the House were to vote first.

“The last time they (the Senate) went first is where we got stuck with wooden arrows and tax breaks,” he said.

“While we take no satisfaction in loaning taxpayer money to these companies, we know it must be done,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said. “This is no blank check or blind hope.”

The proposal gives the car czar say-so over any major business decisions by the automakers while they’re taking advantage of federal aid. The companies would have to open their books to the government, including informing the overseer of any transaction of $25 million or more.

I know that was a lot to go through, but there are many clues to a new plan, that doesn’t actually have anything to do with the auto industry.  Lets look at what the Speaker is saying.

She feels that the Companies have so mishandled their business and money that someone should watch over them be cause they are receiving tax money.  I might surprise you by saying I agree with her.

She also wants to change the name of the bailout to a “second chance”, it does sound a lot less like bailout and what the voters disapproved of with the financial companies, but Congress approved anyway.  I haven’t seen where the Voters are for this bailout either, so let’s call it a second chance, and from what I read, is no more popular than the bailout was.

To put it gently Barney Frank said the last attempt was a failure, but feels they can do better this time.

Dirty Harry thinks this is no blind hope and is concerned about the way your taxes might be spent.

OK, so let’s look at this in its entirety.  A company that has failed to enact working policies, wasted the money it had, and requires oversight because tax money is being spent.  The leaders make too much money and don’t really do what they are paid to do and get way too many perks.  Does that about sum it up?

I accept a “car csar” if we can appoint another csar to handle a group that has done nothing of note in over 2 years.  They have wasted billions of dollars much of which is not supported by the “stockholders”.  They toss money at things that other companies should be taking care of, and it only serves the other companies to not manage their money properly.  No one watches over that they spend more than $25 million on failed projects or wasteful endeavors.

No one seems to be too concerned about their perks, lifetime health care at no cost to them.  Lifetime severance packages for a few short years of service.  So I submit that Ms. Pelosi is on to something.


So let’s make a compromise, I’ll allow a car csar to interject into free enterprise if we can interject a csar to oversee Congress who waste and does so much more injury to the Country than the car makers would if they simply went under and were forced to restructure.

Chew on that Ms. Speaker.  It seems that Congress needs much more oversight than the car makers do.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “Good For The Goose…”

  1. chas Says:

    And the P-E isn’t even in office yet.


  2. Pat Says:

    what???? pelosi and reid are not perfect??? dont they know everything?? what have they done in the last 2 years that they have been in control absolutely nothing just before a vacation or a break they work on something that usually goes bust just like the bailout it was holiday time they needed to get home to their constituents who didnt want the bailout at all and guess what they gave them all that 700 billion dollars to paulson to do as he wishes with no oversight and where is all that money and have things changed????? absolutely not they have gotten worse and now its Christmas break time and they want another bill passed and given to these greedy men one who wants 2 million out of it for himself so as much as their constituents don’t want this it will be given to them again and they will be back with their hands out in march

    it is all madness the only sensible answer is to get rid of all of them but that is not going to happen if it wasn’t so scary it would seem like a comedy

    God help us


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