This Week’s Christmas Special


One has to think that if the Land of Al Capone isn’t the most corrupt Political State they certain are giving number one a run for its money.  In case you’ve been too busy shopping for Christmas presents the Governnor Rod Blagojevich decieded to have his own Christmas special and put P-E Obama’s Senate Seat up for sale.

Blagojevich isn’t just a swap and trade merchant like many of those in politics.  You know the type, you vote for this bill and I’ll vote for yours.  This is compromise and a regular way of doing business at all levels of government.  But Blagojevich takes this to a whole new level and wants either money, straight up or a really good paying job for either him or his wife.

The people who voted for this crook may not of had much of an idea of what he was like.  I don’t live there but I do know that Blagojevich ran for office with change in mind and a return to normalcy, after George Ryan, former Governor was sent to jail on corruption charges.  Blagojevich did have some reord on which to run he was in various public offices, but in the end, his words did not match his rhetoric.

This is always one of the great fears when those who are running for office are nothing more than smooth talkers.  P-E Obama is such a person but hasn’t handled this case all that well.  Does anyone REALLY believe that the P-E hasn’t had a single thought to share with his former Governor on his replacement?  Come on, no one so far thinks the P-E has done andything improper but let’s not pee on us and say it’s raining.

It would be unnatural for you or your staff wasn’t of any opinion on your replacement.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  Take a leaf from the history book.  Like Clinton and Nixon, the lying and cover-up was far worse than the crime.  As I observed no one thinks you did anything wrong, don’t act like you did.  This, BTW, continues to show that passing a law that requires someone to resign when they run for a higher office is necessary.  None of this would effect the P-E at all.


Finally someone, namely the GOP, has held the line and listened to the American people.  Unlike the last bailout that the majority of Americans were against, this bailout, which Americans also disapprove of, this one went down in flames for now.

It really isn’t because of the disapproval of Americans, it just works out that way.  The real resaon this bailout went down was because the UAW refused to compromise more fully to GOP request to adjust the pay structure of it’s workers.  When people understand that the first $3,000 of the price of a new car is to pay for worker retirement packages, it makes people angry.  They only people I know of that have so much at the end of their working life is the Congress.  Which I find ironic that the have the gaul to crititize who much anyone makes or their compensation paskages.

It would sure be nice if Washington, and our political system on the whole, would reflect the values of the people they represent.  Americans as a people ar enot as dishonest as those who represent them.  At least one would hope that is the case.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


2 Responses to “This Week’s Christmas Special”

  1. chas Says:

    is there an honest man in dc

    Of that I am sure. However, there is a lack of courage. Stand for and behind party prevails, a hold your nose in order to hold office.

  2. Pat Says:

    very interesting chas

    is there an honest man in dc

    there have beeen so many scandals in the congress and senate it is embarassing they sure dont represent my moral

    the people in illinois seem to think its politics as usual and are not all that upset what their governor is doing that says a lot and obama came up among all these criminals very sad indeed

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