What Are We To Think?


It is hard for me to work up any real confidence in the in-coming Administration and any “change”, when it is filled with old Clinton Cronies and “fellows” from one of the most corrupt States, politically, in the Country.  Is the Fact that the P-E held on to Gates supposed to make me fill secure?

Is setting out almost a Trillion Dollars in spending supposed to give me hope, when I know the first Trillion hasn’t done a thing.  Am I suppose to feel good that the majority of Americans did not support the first bailout package, do not support a second bailout that one passed and the other is going to be put it place by the present Administration even though not in favor American’s and voted down by the Senate.  It is however approved by the in-coming Administration. so it’s change we can believe in I guess.

Arne Duncan, is being praised as someone who represents, (guess what?), change, from a politically corrupt State that doesn’t even make the top 50 in the Country.  Fact is the City of Chicago doesn’t seem to have a very well run education system at all, from the short look around I’ve seen.

So Speaking of education P-E, educate me.

What’s the deal with shutting up your Chief of Staff?  Do you have concerns over his actions?  I can help you out here, just tell him to resign his seat in the Congress and then the Congress can’t call him in front of them to grill him.  Of course it just might go bad if he weren’t approved by the Senate.  If he becomes part of the Administration you can protect him from the probes of the Congress.

Rahm Emanuel hasn’t been this quiet since his pre-walking days.  Any time someone who is known for shooting off his mouth and spouting his opinion, no matter how incorrect it is, you should be concerned.  I haven’t heard any concern in the press, but for the rest of us citizens it should raise a few eyelids.

At times I want to ignore all this post stuff and wait until the show actually begins.  But how do we ignore what is becoming so obvious?  What is obvious..we’ve been had.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

3 Responses to “What Are We To Think?”

  1. Pat Says:

    i noticed today on fox the obama was telling us about his newest appointments and in another box on the screen was president bush giving a news conference which was live stream on fox whats with that isnt president bush the now president shouldn’t the boxes have been reversed

    and the president elect picks only the reporters he thinks will ask him the type of questions he wants i havent noticed any fox reporters asking questions

    i wonder how in front of the cameras he will be once he is in office when he will have to do something instead of just talking about it it is going to be an interesting next few months lets see what happens i doubt it will be anything good

    • chas Says:

      I believe that FOX is in an uphill fight to purge that far right-wing image for one thing. For another I believe that they, like I am trying to do, is give the man a chance.

      He just keeps giving me reasons not to.

    • Irene Says:

      I really con’dult ask for more from this article.

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