A Rose By Another Name


Let’s be honest here, if only for a second.  If Caroline Kennedy was going to be picked for office would she be doing as well if her name were Smithammer?  Would anyone seriously consider her qualified for the position of Senator if Hillary was never married to Clinton and ran as Hillary Rodham?  Of course not.  So let’s call this what it is and stop playing the bullcrap games.

Andrea Tantaros sums it up well when she writes:  “What has she done in her career? Does she have the experience to govern? Isn’t she just a name and a pretty face in expensive clothes? All questions asked by Democrats (I’m being nice) regarding Sarah Palin as McCain’s pick for Vice President.”

So why isn’t that “fighter for freedom and fairness”  the NYT in an uproar over Ms. Kennedy being considered for the position of Senator?  Oh wait, she’s replacing someone who also had nothing but a name, Hillary Clinton.  Which was a fine thing today on FOX News in the Pundit Pit this morning when asked “what no experience Senator has ever brought forward significant legislation…”  The answer from the Dem came quickly and it was Hillary.  But when asked what it was, he couldn’t remember.  Mostly because I believe that there was none.

I doubt any reasonable thinking individual  any longer expects even a microcosm of equality in covering politics so any expectation of questions about her qualifications will have to come from those few sources available on the right.  Those will be dismissed as far right wing rants and hate speech against women and further proof of the knuckle-dragging neocons.

After all, it’s not like she eats moose, fishes or does any of those other things that many everyday Americans do.  It’s not like anyone will really expect much from her other than to listen to Uncle Ted, (hopefully not to include driving lessons).  Does NY need a real representative other than “where’s the mic” Schumer?   I don’t like his politics, but he at least knows something other than how to write a book.

Palin was an idiot with no experience, or so the media claimed.  Kennedy brings her name and…..?  Oh wait, for democrats that’s all they really need, that and she doesn’t eat moose.  She’s a pretty face, nicely dressed with a name, what more could the party of the mindless ask for?

And do people really wonder why the Congress teeters on the single digit approval rating scale?


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “A Rose By Another Name”

  1. Pat Says:

    hey chas

    if our esteemed P-E was put in the white house with no experience the most important job in the country, why would we think a lowly senator would need any experience. The saying “Its not what you know, its who you know” certainly fits here.

    but, oh wait, that didn’t stop P-E Obama from getting elected Look at the people he came up the ladder with Our country is in a scary place right now again i say the next few months will be very interesting


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