The Sum of All Evil


What is more evil, an elected set of representatives or a tyrant?  Is a military dictator any worse the the elected official that doesn’t listen to those he is supposed to represent?

Why is it we allow our “representatives” to bash the big 3 automakers for the money they receive while allowing their respective companies to go into debt, for pushing failing projects and objectives to continue.  For not being concerned with anything other than their paycheck while they bleed money, attempting to push on the American people something they are steadfastly against, while doing the same thing and taking a pay raise in the process?

Do you think you’d accept a pay raise or even deserve one if you were only pleasing your boss 20%, (and in that I am being generous), of the time?  Would you merit even a cost of living increase with that little confidence in your performance?

It’s very low key and you might not know, but Congress just got a raise of $4,700, which is about 2.8%.  While lambasting the automaker CEO’s for their greed Congress has no problem bleeding the taxpayer for a larger than anything anyone of us would get increase, while being just as ineffective as Ford or GM.

Think about it.  All 3 automakers need about 35B to get through this, the US Government needs 4Trillion to get out of debt.  Now who is worse at running things?  At least the CEO’s are up front about some things.  They acknowledge the golden parachutes they get.  Do you have any idea at all about what a member of congress gets once they leave office, (willingly or not)?  It is mostly underplayed and written in a way that makes their actual package hard to understand.

Let’s put it this way, I’ve worked for the DoD, (both military and civilian), for 30 years now.  Any member of congress that serves 2 terms has a better retirement package than I do.  That is not only a shame, it should be an outrage.  People like myself get less for spending more than half our life, or most of our adult life, serving this Country, but some elected officials gets rich while serving in a position that should be honor enough, also gets a better deal when kicked out of office.  The only exception is if he is impeached for criminal offenses.

I myself, think nothing of the time spent, and well spent I might add, and am not complaining about my compensation for my service, I object to the outrageous amount of pay, above and under the table, combined with the compensation packages they receive once they retire or are not returned to service those they would represent.

So who is the real evil here?  Is it the oil interest, the bankers or the big 3 car makers?  I say none of them are the real evil, the sum of our evil is those who are elected to represent us and deny and/or ignore that responsibility.  The true evil is lawmakers that refuse or deny they saw this coming and kept quiet because special interest paid more than the honor of service to those who placed trust in them to serve.

And most evil of all is those who hold the power to change it and refuse to do so….

the people of the United States.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


2 Responses to “The Sum of All Evil”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Many people say the internet was responsible for the election of Obama—most of those were McCain supports. Maybe it was just sour grapes.

    But turn that around and use it for the good. If each person were to post that The Hill article on just 2 of the websites they visit, it would grow and grow.

    Just think how often the SAME UTube or another popular web shows up on websites or your email In box.

    Stop complaining and start doing. Mine went to my favorite Quilt Forum and Weight Watchers forum.

    • chas Says:

      I don’t think the internet got the P-E elected but it did give him unprecedented amounts of money, which he said originally he would use public finds, to spend or out-spend McCain 6 or 7 to one.

      You can post and write all you want, most people no longer care enough to look into where the money goes or check into what their representatives vote for or against.

      That’s not sour grapes, that’s just the truth.


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