F&F NFL Picks Week 16


Carolina      @   NY Giants(W)

…                           A, C, D, R

Pittsburgh   @   Tennessee(W)

A, D                         C, R

NY Jets         @   Seattle(W)

A, C, D, R

Atlanta(W)           @   Minnesota

A, R                          A, D

Results :

1.  Clayton  38-26

2.  Dave         35-29

3.  Alisyn       33-31

4.  Dave           33-31


One Response to “F&F NFL Picks Week 16”

  1. lori Says:

    Good Morning! I am sitting in Miami airport after returning from a Christmas cruise and I just HAD to sneak in and see who how the rankings were going. Crazy eh? LOL I see Alison has slipped a bit since I left, thats alright, I haven’t been doing so well either.

    My family was all bummed out we would be missing the last couple Steelers games because we would be floating around in the middle of the sea, but alas our fears were dispelled when we heard our fellow ocean Steeler fans cheering from a pub aboard ship! They came equipped with terrible towels and jerseys. We felt like novice fans, we had only remembered to bring the face paint! A shame our lively hooting couldn’t bring us home a victory! But it made for some great memories and a nice hangover! LOL

    I hope you had a lively holiday and good luck on todays picks!


    Glad you seem to be having a great time. I’ve had a couple of bad weeks in a row here. I hope to reverse that this week. They will be going into the playoffs so I still have time.


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