Where Has All The Money Gone….


…not so long time passing.

You might remember that song if you are over 50 or so, even with the change from flowers to money.

Now the last time I took out a loan the Bank wanted to know a couple of things, how much did I make, how was I going to pay it back and what was the money for.  I thought those all reasonable questions or inquires.  After all, it is money that belongs to other Bank Members and the security of their money is the Banks responsibility.

So I have to wonder why those who are responsible for our tax dollars didn’t bother to ask the same thing of the Banks when they gave them $350B of our tax dollars.

The Assorted Pinheads…uh Associated Press, (AP),  contacted a fair number of Banks requesting how the money they received was being used the answers were divided.  Some said some was loaned out, some said some wasn’t loaned out and some claimed they weren’t sure what happened to it.  NOT SURE?  Billions of dollars and you don’t know where it went?  I can hear you now after I tell you I can’t find the money you lent me.  My house would be gone faster than a politicans promise after election time.

Given the waste of billions of dollars of our tax money every year this should come as no surprise to any of us.  How could we expect a group of irresponsible people, when it comes to money, to hold someone else accountable for money?  It’s sort of like asking PETA plan Thanksgiving Dinner if you want turkey.

Some of the Banks just refused to comment for the article.  Refused to tell us, or those who are supposed to help safegard our system, about what you did with billions of the dollars our kids are going to be paying off for decades to come?  Just who the hell do you think you are?  And who’s money do you think you are holding on to?

I thought maybe the bailout, even though it goes against my grain, might actually be necessary back in the beginning.  Reason took over when I remembered who concocted this whole mess to begin with.  What was I thinking?  The same people that weren’t watching the decline to begin with, not watching the mess evolve right in front of their eyes, are just going to hand over our tax dollars and not watch where they are being spent.  Providing no more oversight with the bailout money than they did with our savings account money.  If you have forgotten the last line of the song goes, “when will we ever learn…”

And with as little concern we are going to allow it to happen again to the car makers.    The level of disgust I feel over this direct violation of the intent of the Founders cannot even be put into words.  At least on a G Rated Site.

Things have changed in the last few years.  At one time elected representatives use to not do business via e-mail.  I know I use to write them and always got the same response, “sorry, while I continue to welcome your opinion, a full response to your concerns can only be done through the normal postal system”, or words to that effect.

Today with the rapid expanse of computer use, the unprecedented amount of money raised by the P-E through the internet, Representatives are now beginning to respond through the computer.  So this begins the way to regain out power over those who would be Kings.  We must plan, we must write, stomp our cyber feet in outrage and flood our representatives and DEMAND, not ask, not request, DEMAND in the strongest possible argument that they work for us and WE, not they know what’s best.

“[It is] the people, to whom all authority belongs.” –Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane, 1821.

Sign every e-mail to your representative with this saying from Jefferson.  Let them know that you know that they serve at our pleasure and that we are the actual rulers of this Country.  Write now, write often and be too damn mad to be consoled.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


5 Responses to “Where Has All The Money Gone….”

  1. Baby name meaning and origin for Roane Says:

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  2. Eileen Says:

    And if they do not listen and do what they please–YOU have done what you can. You are the only person you can control.

    I always start my letter out nicely, and at the very end–tell them “Get it right or get out”.

    Years ago–back in the 80’s–I had a favorite Christian financial writer named Larry Burkett. He thought we ought to let a housewife balance the budget.

    He taught me all about the dangers of debt and it was a lesson well learned. I should have listened to his advice about the stock market—if you do not understand it, don’t put your money there. But I have only a small amount of money in it.

    But you have years until you will need that money for retirement and by then, historically, the market will be worth much more than it is today.


  3. Liz K Says:

    Fortunately, our Representative and Senators voted against these ridiculous bailouts. Unfortunately, they have no influence in the current Congress.


    Unfortunately they failed to have enough cards to deal with to influence the outcome.


  4. Pat Says:


    i dont think it means anything to write to your congressman they do as they please what pleases them not what we want just as with the bailout congress was bombarded with phone calls from irate constiuents who were against the bailout and they put it aside and then came back and even with all the anger thrown at them signed the bill to give all that money to one man with no oversights i wrote to mc cain telling him how angry and disappointed i was i never got a response and we see what happened the money is God knows where

    they cover each others back and the citzen be damned


  5. Where Has All The Money Gone…. | kozmom Says:

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