“…Shall Not Be Infringed”


It would seem that those who think that your Constitutional Right, most recently upheld as an individual right in Federal Court thanks to the unconstitutional ban on handguns in DC, is a threat to P-E Obama.  Non-voting Representative to DC Eleanor Horton (D) is concerned that guns may show up at the inauguration.  She believes that the stupid gun owners would be confused between a National Park and City regulations.  This is what she says:

“It is truly frightening to think of what this could mean coming just a couple of weeks before the inauguration,” said Norton.  Ms. Norton is one of those who think owning a gun is one of those right’s that should be steadfastly fought against.  After all, it’s only the Constitution that dictates that the Federal Government protect it.   If you missed the passing of the gun ban in National Parks, the present Administration has ruled that you may indeed carry a firearm for protection in National Parks.  I’d guess that is in response to various animal attacks.  Besides being a right to bare arms, it simply makes sense.

Anti-gun nut cases like the Brady Group, who think guns should only be in the hands of those who don’t obey the law stated:  “My concern is that there has been some publicity about this whole guns in the parks thing and some of the 4 million people coming in from all over the country (may) think that just because they have a concealed carry permit in their home state, that it gives them the right to come to the nation’s capital and carry (a gun),” Helmke said.

Here’s the thing, no one is going to be close enough to do anything with a handgun to the P-E.  The odds that a legal gun owner is going to go nuts un the crowd is less than winning the Lottery, so if anything gun related is going to happen, I can pretty much predict that it won’t be by any sane person or a legal gun owner.

So please undo the knot in your shorts Brady Group and get a real job and leave us law abiding gun owners alone as well as our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms.


Who Shall Lead Them?

Many in the GOP are concerned with the leadership and who will take over the RNC in January 09.  Mike Steele seems to be the odds on favorite even though he does tend towards the center, rather than the right.  What the GOP continues to fail to learn that the Dems have, is promise and then rule.  In other words talk to the base, make the promise, and then run things the way they should be run.  Do the Dems every actuall keep their promises?  Obama is already backing off many of his.  I have no doubt that most of his will go unnoticed because “the last Administration” wasn’t honest with us and things are far worse than we believed.  Which he has already said.

Aside from the fact that he has had more meetings and briefings than just about any other P-E, he still didn’t understand the gravity of the problem.  But I regress.

The first thing the GOP swerved away from is the principle of less taxes, less spending and less Government.  This is the basic, the most basic principle of the Republic.  This is what the Constitutional Convention was all about.  The biggest fear among our new nation was the Indians, or the French or even the British, it was the amount of power that the new Federal Government would possess.

Now if Mr. Steele doesn’t understand those basics, then I agree someone else should be considered.  That said however, the entire party needs to remember those basics.  If the only one who adheres to those principles is the leader or the chair of the GOP, it will make little difference.

As the old saying goes…“If you don’t stand for something…”


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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