Nasty Notes To Follow


The AP Headline today reads:

U.N Calls on Israel, Palestinians to end violence:

Has it occurred to the UN, (United Nitwits), to call on the Palestinians to STOP bombing Israel?  I’d be willing to bet that this would go a long way to Israel to halt dropping bombs on the Palestinians.  Might also help if they would stop calling  Israel  the aggression Party.

That is, of course, just a guess, but I know if I ran the Country and those drifting dirt bags weren’t bombing me, I’d pretty much be inclined to leave them alone.  All things considered, again just a reach on my part, the Government of any sovereign Country is to protect it’s citizens.  Or am I wrong there?

It would seem logical if Israel doesn’t care or attack unless they are bombed, they’d pretty much sit back and enjoy life and leave others alone.  They do tend to do that unless provoked.  I wonder if the Arabs might ever get the clue?  Leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone.  Seems right simple to me.

The response to this mess is the United Nitwits saying “Stop, or I’ll tell your Mommy”, or something equally as stupid.  Hey wait, let toss nasty notes at them folded into paper airplanes calling them not nice people, (can’t call them nasty, too ugly for press releases).  Bet that will get them shaking in their collective boots.  Just about as much as the “ugly” responses the Spanish and French against those Arabs what blew up a bunch of people  and burned major parts of Cities.  Good call there.  I say we just forget the Israel and Palestinian dispute.  Neither side is going to budge.

Israel isn’t going to allow the Palestinians to bomb them without payback and the Palestinians aren’t going to stop bombing the Jews.  Dissolve the U.N., they can’t do anything anyway unless we do it for them.

Another “Citizen of the World” is about to take office and I know where that is going to take us.  We still have troops in Countries you’ve hardly heard of, that have been there for 15 years and more, (don’t hear about them do you?), all under UN Charter.  Still there, still a mess give it up.

The United Nitwits haven’t accomplished a single thing since their creation.  Anything that resembles an accomplishment was only at the expense of our efforts and treasure.  It was a daft concept to begin with.  Only a Communist would think that such a concept had a ghost of a prayer.

So let’s kick the U.N. out, let them provide their own money and armed services.  Let them tell the Palestinians to stop tossing bombs at Israel or else……………..we’ll toss nasty notes at you and subject you to things you could care less about.

The world thinks we are the bad guys?  Let’s see what they think when the U.N. has to tackle those who thumb their collective noses at civilized Countries.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


4 Responses to “Nasty Notes To Follow”

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  2. FRANK C Says:


    This is FRANK C from Ali’s blog.

    I could not agree with you more about the United Nitwits. We should tell those wasteful Nitwits to get out of New York and the USA and go to a country like Somolia where they can see poverty and disease and pirates up close and personal. I am sure Commissioner Ray Kelly would love having all the security, traffic and parking problems go away.

    If we would leave the UN, it would crumble from lack of money, OURS!



    Thanks for reading and your comment. Would that the majority would express such opinions we could put better use to our tax dollars than the UN.


  3. Pat Says:


    More comments are always needed.


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