Happy New Year


There is no doubt that this is a time for things new.  Almost ready for a new President, present circumstances dictate that we evolve into a new type of economy, though more correctly return to the old economy, one that forces us to live within the income we earn.

Many of you don’t know, that my Father left when I was about 3.  My Mother’s Father, Pop, hung around and supported the family, my brother, mother and myself, but pretty much stayed out of the child-rearing part of the process.  Leading by example and a few choice words time to time, I would like to share some of his wisdom and what turned into my rules of life to live by.

This is only a partial list, I don’t want to bother you with the full list and I’m sure I’d leave something out anyway.

1.  Treat all as you would want them to treat you, until they treat you otherwise.

2.  No man is unwelcome so much to my home that he cannot be received and granted respect within my walls.

3.  You will receive the amount of respect you offer.  I treat no man with disrespect, I expect the same in return.

4.  I don’t lay my hands on anyone, don’t lay your hand to me.

5.  I won’t lay hand on anyone unless you hit a woman or beat a child, then I bring a chair.

6.  My childern are not my keepers, I will leave them no debt nor burden.  Should I live so long as to not be able to function, that’s not their problem.

7.  I will owe no man, (or institution), money any longer than is absolutely necessary.

8.  I will repay what I borrow, I will borrow only what I need and it is based upon the need to survive, not enjoyment.

9.  All things being equal, life is not and either is all things.

10.  People are dying today that never died before.

11.  I write and study to prove a point, not change your mind.

12.  If there is no God, where did the first dust ball come from for the Big Bang?

13.  Actual truth is known only to God.  Men merely perceive through their senses, and every man has his own truth based upon his experiences.

14.  If God wanted you to know everything, you’d know it already.

15.  There is no one who doesn’t have something worth sharing…remember out of the mouth’s of babes.

I wish you all the good Lord’s Blessings towards a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.



One Response to “Happy New Year”

  1. Eileen Says:

    My regret is that I could never meet this man. BUT–I am sure he will be in heaven and then we can have a really long talk about you.

    It is so very simple—live on less than you earn. We are being taught a lesson here and if we do not learn now—-it will just be repeated but with a bigger stick.

    He was the twist to Will Rodgers who never met a man he didn’t like. Pop was the man who was never disliked by anyone who met him.


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