It’s All In How You Look At It.


Democrats don’t seemed very concerned by the number of “problem children” that are or have gotten in the recent past.

Now Bill Richardson has withdrawn his name citing the concerns over the timing of a Federal Investigation…

Pardon me, but the timing?  How about the fact that he is even be investigated in the first place?  There was a pretty huge squall over Stevens and some reported irregularities.  I don’t hear much about the old Clinton gang member.  Just the concern over the distraction to the administration because of the TIMING.

There is very little point in rehashing the Blago drama in Ill.  Knowing he’s already under the scope he displays the arrogance to appoint a Senator, after being suspected in trying to sell that very same seat.  I don’t put any of the blame in this on the P-E or even his staff, but certainly the wording on tape suggest someone knew of what he was doing and ignored it.

When was the last time you heard anything about the charges and investigation against William Jefferson?  Fact is once he lost his reelection bid, no one seems to care to follow through with the investigation or to punish the crime.

And this is a indication of just how honest, how truthful, politicians are when they say they want “clean up the way business is done”, in Washington.  Fact is, in case you forgot, the $90,000 found in Jefferson’s freezer, doesn’t matter in the least, because in one way or another almost all of them do it.  And if they “go after” Jefferson, there is no sure thing that he won’t start naming names of others who get away with the same thing.

This is what helps the climate of greed and corruption in Washington.  Because so much is always going on, people tend to forget things when they fall off the front page.

Another example of things people forget.  During his campaign Obama talked about how if we could put a man on the moon in a decade, you couldn’t tell him we couldn’t find a way to make burning coal clean.  That doing so would create 5 mnillion new jobs.  Once elected he dropped his new jobs claim to 2.5 million, then upped it when raising rates of unemployment came out to 3 million new jobs.  What happened to that 5 million during the Primary?

What about the “failed policies of Bush” who gave so many tax breaks?  The slight flaw in Bush’s plan was no spending reduction.  That is in part what made his policy a “failure”, even though we rode a great ride for many years under it.  P-E Obama is suggesting the very same policy, less taxes and not a single word on any spending cuts.  That is at least consistent with his campaign since he never could name a single program he could target with a cut.

So this is where we stand before the new kids even take over, after running on the pledge of changing the way business is done in DC.  Unless being stupid enough to get caught is changing something, or running on one thing and doing another is a change from the norm, I fail to see any difference.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “It’s All In How You Look At It.”

  1. T & Me Says:

    Good Morning Chas, It’s Me from Alisyn’s greenrooom blog! Here is the correct link to my blog Thanks again foryour help & great idea. I think I might start a spin off from Aly think she will go for it?? LOL
    See you in the greenroom!!


    Thanks for stopping in. I look forward to seeing you blog. As far as Ms. Alisyn goes, as far as I know she doesn’t even look at mine. Not sure motherhood and professional life leaves her much time for extra things.


  2. lori Says:

    Hey Chas, I’ve copy and pasted a note I sent to Eileen concerning her quilting project. JUST in-case I have the wrong e-mail address…. (which for me is likely) !

    Hiya Eileen,

    One of my best friends’ in the world husband works for a conservative think tank. As I was speaking with her this week she had mentioned to me that her husbands “new project” was to coordinate and bring together (under one umbrella so to speak) all of the wounded warrior resources. It occurred to me that the project you work on might just fit into that umbrella nicely. With your permission I would like to tell Matt about your project, and perhaps if it fits with his project, “connect” him with your organization.

    As with anything political, I have no clue if this is something Matt would even consider to be something his project would encompass, but he might know someone who knows someone who can help with your generous endeavors.

    With your permission, I will pass your organization’s details along to him.

    I trust you and Chas had a lovely holiday, and are looking forward to a glorious New Year!

    I will wait for your response before I act on any intentions.

    Warm Regards Lori

  3. Pat Says:

    hi chas

    dc is in such a mess right now and guess what its not republicans, its all democrats and the great PE is not even in office yet richardson has been under investigaton since august i guess the obama group didnt know that oh wait, of course they knew but they figured it would all go away before the annointed one took office Gov Blago is having his just desserts in illinois doing just what they were in such a hurry to indict to stop he named a senator. if it wasnt so serious it would be like a comedy burris going up to washington them sending him a way because he doesnt have a signature and now today after talking to him what a wonderful human being he is says reid and obama so they are both eating crow and blago is smiling in illinois

    re: panetta a man who never really wanted to help the cia will probably get to dismantle it and then we will have another attack i dont feel safe anymore as long as president bush was there i felt safe i dont anymore God help our country

    might be time to start the revolution


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