No Experience Necessary


Isn’t it bad enough that the possible Sec. Of State claims being a wife as her experience to by our face to the world, that now the P-E selects a talking head for Chief of the CIA?  Leon Panetta has less Security background than I do for heavens sake.

It’s bad enough that the P-E doesn’t have the chops for the job, but to surround himself with equally disqualified people really scares me.  Unless your goal was to sell secrets to China, Richardson was not the best choice.  And now it looks as if he didn’t learn from the Clinton days since he is under investigation.  Clinton might be qualified to hobnob with the wives of foreign leaders, but he has no experience with those leaders on a peer level.

Panetta simply has no real spy or intelligence background.  I understand that the P-E claimed to want to change the way he or we dealt with our intelligence community, but putting an amateur in charge wasn’t what I had in mind and I doubt it was what the majority expected either.

Then again we have Caroline Kennedy, who is actually the perfect choice to replace Clinton.  That might surprise you that I say that, but think about it, New Yorkers voted for someone on the celebrity of her name, who had no experience, Ms. Kennedy holds the same distinction.  So she is a perfect fit for the seat.

Hello Blago:

So the possible Governor Of Cell Block A is asking that the Judge toss out the prosecutor, who just happens to be the US Attorney General Pat Fitzgerald.  The reason seems to be that he actually let people know the charges being investigated.  Who’dda thunk?  Well, the House seems not to have much trouble as they voted for impeachment 114-1.  Is his Mother in the House?  I mean please the ONLY person that thinks he deserves to stay in Office, it has to be his Mother, or someone who paid highly for some political position.

Good money after bad:

Seems the P-E is going to toss even more money after the bad money.  Did he not get the part where $350 Billion has done like ZERO?

And calling something other than what it is really is rather dishonest.  A bailout isn’t an investment, it’s a bailout.  Doesn’t matter how much sugar you sprinkle on a dog turd, it’s still a dog turd.  And I don’t care how much you call this an investment or or what ever, tossing tax dollars, we don’t have, at projects even if we need them, is still Keynesian Economics and it has never worked.

It may indeed provide some small amount of movement in the economy, but it is never the answer for a failing or recessed economy.  Pretty much why we dumped it as a way of business in this Country.  Government spending has never, nor will it ever, do more than just spend money we don’t have on the backs of those who can’t afford th burden.

Like Margret Thatcher said, “The problem with Socialism is, eventually you run out of others people’s money”.

Not to be overlooked Reagan who said, :Government isn’t the answer, it’s the problem”.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “No Experience Necessary”

  1. Sterling Says:

    You are absolutely correct about Ms. Kennedy’s qualifications and experience for the senate. She is at least as qualified as the last individual to hold that position. We should all be very concerned about Mr. Panetta’s appointment. I heard someone the other day say that Obama’s goal is to severely limit the CIA’s resources after he becomes President. It is of little concern to him whether the agency survives or not, and Mr. Panetta is his first step in securing that goal. That gave me the shivers.

    I believe that the P-E wishes that the Country survives. It is illogical to believe that he wishes otherwise.

    That said, his method of “saving” this Country is contrary to the foundation according to the Constitution and may well, in good faith, doom us in his good intent.

    Liberals are always so without long term insight and have done so much damage, that we might just as well get ready for the end. The liberals have won and the GOP is running off the cliff with them, just at a jog.


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