Hudson River Plane Crash


The question is, if the two tall buildings in the skyline aren’t the Twin Towers, what are their names?  I have it on good authority that they are not and the video is authenticated by the Coast Guard.  But no one seems to know what the tall buildings are.


3 Responses to “Hudson River Plane Crash”

  1. Sterling Says:

    Perspective is everything, I realize, however, if you google a picture of the Twin Towers, you can see that they really did “tower” above all the othe buildings in any picture. I just don’t see that the towers shown in this video tower that much over other buildings around them. Maybe they are the Time Warner buildings?

    I certainly am not an expert on the NYC skyline, but I have been told by insiders and Alisyn at Fox News that the tape is authenticated.

    So let each person take away what they will from that.


  2. Me Says:

    Chas, from Alisyn’s In The Greenroom Blog :

    Comment by August
    January 17th, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Hey Joe,

    The Time Warner Building(s)?

    Do they line up from that side of the river?

  3. Me Says:

    Thanks for the video I hope we find out what buildings they are.
    I LOVE a good mystery LOL

    I link this to you on my site, we’ll see how can tell us what we are looking at


    I’m not sure it is all that important considering that everyone lived and we know for certain the accident did happen. But I would like some assurance that we weren’t being punked.


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