I Can’t Gitmo…


As a fine fresh start, Mr. Obama has taken it into his head to tackle, or I might say shove, easier problems first.

He signed an order to close Gitmo by years end, but failed to consider where he was going to house these nere-do-wells finding it more convenient to figure that out later.  But worry not about their treatment.  Thanks to Mr. Obama, we will now treat them like 5 year olds and give them a piece of candy and sit them in a corner if they fail to give us intelligence.

That’ll teach them.  I’m sure the new information will be rolling in so fast now that we will have to hire new agents to cover it all.  So now we can give these people that would be very willing to lop off your head the rights to a trial just like you would get, including the loopholes and legal contortions that lawyers go through to get the guilty off.  In addition, when they do get off, if their own Country doesn’t want them back, they get to live here as free men.  Sweet deal.

And there was a story just this morning   citing that the number 2 man in Yemen’s Al Qaeda is back home and one must presume ready to resume his old job.  Said Ali al-Shihri,made a stop in Saudi Arabia before returning to Yemen.  The web site reports he is happy to be reunited with his Al Qaeda brothers.

The new Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner has been approved or confirmed despite not being able to use TurboTax.  Just what we need, a guy who can’t use a simple program that millions of Americans use every year, and he flubs it.  I’m willing to bet it wouldn’t be a “simple oversight” if a Republican were up for the job.

And how about Ms. Clinton. now that she’s Sec. of State, it turns out that hubby Bill has received upwards of a half a million dollars in stock from Accoona Corp, which sold for $700,000 just 2 years later.  Mr. Clinton refuses  to identify the donor.  Accoona it turns out has ties to the Chinese Government.

Speaking of money, the Congress is holding up the stimulus package with various reasons and concerns.   They should, the bailout didn’t go at all like they wanted, which creates heat since the majority of Americans were against it to begin with.

In one form or another we can be certain it will be passed and signed, even if we are against it.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

9 Responses to “I Can’t Gitmo…”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Im glad to be of some help,
    I cant wait to read it Chas.

  2. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas,
    thanks for the email that was nice of you,
    Hey Chas I just dont understand why the President is so worried about the treatment of this terrorist,
    they want to kill Americans,and our way of life,
    I think they should be tried as Enemy combatants in a Military Tribunal, just my opinion Chas,
    I just hope they dont bring them here.
    It will prove to be a mistake of huge repercussions. There is nothing in out set of laws to handle these people and what they have done and would do upon release.

    The return rate to their former life is almost 20%, remember that they might have to stay here if their Country won’t take them back.

    I think you just gave me my next blog.


  3. mikes Says:

    I understood that there was differences between the two proceedings I was just wondering how they differed in terms of evidence and how it is to be weighed I suggested to Alisyn on her blog that maybe she should have guests on the subject and then Mrs Kravitz told me to come here. I knew you were more interested in the USC from reading the blog all these months.You have a nice site here and i read it every week. Have a good day and we will see you on Alisyn’s this weekend. Thank you.

  4. MikeS Says:

    Hello Chas, Someone on Ali’s blog said I should address my question to you concerning the Illinois State Constitution as pertains to convictions and impeachment as opposed to the criminal justice system’s rules. I have not seen anyone address this particular question and was asking Alisyn if she could have some guests on her show do so. I didn’t realize you were knowledgeable on this subject. Thank you for responding.

    If someone told you I was knowledgeable, you were slightly mislead. The US Constitution is more in my area, though I hardly consider myself an expert.

    However a quick review tends to indicate the the general provisions of Impeachment follow the same general rules of a Presidential impeachment. Nowhere in the State Constitution is the Impeachment called a trial and as such I would assume it to be a proceeding. Being a proceeding means that NO legal ramifications can be imposed, lost of life or liberty, thus means that normal rules of criminal trials proceedings are not the normal course of action.

    In short, since he can only lose his job, he has limited recourse to prevent the State Congress from outing him from office. It may occur that, like Clinton, he may end up impeached but not removed from office. But in his case I doubt it.

    The State’s or Federal Atty can, (and of course in the case of the Fed), may later file charges and seek a criminal trial.

    I hope this answers your question.


  5. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas
    I cant believe with all the problems we have,
    that closing Gitmo is Obamas number one concern,
    and then he is going to hit us with a 825 billion dollar recovery plan, recovery plan for who?
    I want President Obama to do good,
    but what a way to start.
    What bothers me Sal is that the President seems to have taken a course of action he slammed the President for with Iraq. He went in with no plan on how to end it.

    In other words he is closing a detention facility with no plan on what to do with those detained. This in my opinion is not change it is worse than the status quo. This is heaping stupid upon stupid.

    Thanks for reading Sal. I am humbled.


  6. Me Says:

    WOW I just watched the video Frank put here! What does one say to this?

  7. FRANK C Says:


    Check out this link…it is about 7-8 minutes of video on arms trade in Pakistan.


    ” you can’t beat them.. you can’t win”

    Two small nukes and it’s all over. But it is impressive to see them create guns without machinery.


  8. FRANK C Says:


    Thought you might enjoy this…from the London Daily Mail…..

    Obama’s Victory–A British view
    > A victory for the hysterical Oprah Winfrey, the mad racist preacher
    > Jeremiah Wright, the US mainstream media who abandoned any sense of
    > objectivity long ago, Europeans who despise America largely because they
    > depend on her, comics who claim to be dangerous and fearless but would not

    > dare attack genuinely powerful special interest groups. A victory for
    > Obama-worshippers everywhere. A victory for the cult of the cult. A
    > victory for a man who has done little with his life but has written about
    > his achievements as if he had found the cure for cancer in between winning
    > marathon and building a nuclear reactor with his teeth. A victory for
    > over substance, hyperbole over history, rabble-raising over reality.
    > A victory for Hollywood, the most dysfunctional community in the
    > world. A victory for Streisand, Spielberg, Soros, Moore, and Sarandon. A
    > victory for those who prefer welfare to will and interference to
    > independence. A victory for those who settle for group think and herd
    > mentality rather than those who fight for individual initiative and the
    > right to be out of step with meager political fashion.
    > A victory for a man who is no friend of freedom. He and his people
    > have already stated that media has to be controlled so as to be balanced,
    > without realizing the extraordinary irony within that statement. Like most

    > liberal zealots, the Obama worshippers constantly speak of Fox and
    > Limbaugh, when the vast bulk of television stations and newspapers are
    > drastically liberal and anti-conservative. Senior Democrat Chuck Schumer
    > said that just as pornography should be censored, so should talk radio. In

    > other words, one of the few free and open means of popular expression may
    > well be cornered and beaten by bullies who even in triumph cannot tolerate

    > any criticism and opposition.
    > A victory for those who believe the state is better qualified to raise
    > children than the family, for those who prefer teachers’ unions to
    > and for those who are naively convinced that if the West is sufficiently
    > weak towards its enemies, war and terror will dissolve as quickly as the
    > tears on the face of a leftist celebrity. A victory for social democracy
    > even after most of Europe has come to the painful conclusion that social
    > democracy leads to mediocrity, failure, unemployment, inflation, higher
    > taxes and economic stagnation. A victory for intrusive lawyers, banal
    > sentimentalists, social extremists and urban snobs.
    > Congratulations America!

    London Daily Mail editorial 1/6/2009
    by John T. Reed

    Obviously, not everyone is enthralled with the chosen one.


  9. Pat Says:

    hi chas

    well we are on our way with the new admistration i think obama signed for the closure of guantanamo just so he can say he filled one of his promises i predict a year from now guantanamo will still be there and so will all the prisoners our new president has been backtracking on a lot of things he promised and today in one of his meetings his comment “i won”
    was a childish remark and certainly not reaching across the aisle as he has said he wants to do

    regarding interrogation, how ridiculous to think by being nice and polite we will get more information from these monstors we are at war even though not by declaration and these people should not be given rights americans are given they are prisoners of war no matter what they are being called

    re geithner, he doesnt have any good reason he didnt pay his taxes it was a mistake A MISTAKE, imagine if you or i told that to the IRS and now he is going to be in charge of aforementioned wonder if we make a mistake and say well your boss made that mistake and he wasnt punished he was rewarded

    very scary times, my freind very scary times

    keep up the good work its nice to see sanity among the chaos


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