Mis-leading the Blind…


One of the most retold lies in America today is the need for us to grant those held in GITMO the same rights that are afforded us in a trial.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

No US Troop is accorded the same amount of recourse and rights that the average citizen is given.  The rules are different because the life and circumstances are different.

The same is true with these combatants.  They start by violating the accepted rules of law by not fighting for a or defending a Country, without uniform and any of a dozen other normal rules of war that they disregard.  Yet somehow we should rise above all that and allow them a civilian trial.  Horse manure.

You can argue and contrive all the reasons you feel that are compelling and I still have the trump card answer.

The bottom line is this.  You want to afford people the rights and privileges granted the people who they fight, hate and kill because of those very rights.  Our very way of life is what they hate and want to destroy yet you want to save them by using those very things they hate to help them.  Nothing could be more illogical.

Haste makes a mess:

I seem to notice that whenever Government wants to do something that isn’t necessarily in our best interest it tends to call it a crisis and tell us if something isn’t done now all will be loss.  They told us that with the bailout, and guess what?  Half did nothing and the other half will accomplish just about as much.

Again we hear a President telling us that without quick action on this enormous spending bill all may be loss and then we find most of the bill only stimulates debt, outs and our kids for a number of generations.  The GOP being almost entirely cut out of the process voted no and the Dems getting all the spending that the past President would have vetoed voted yes.

So much for changing the way things are done in DC Mr. President.  Reality bites and as long as the Speaker turns away the GOP ideas this is how your administration is going to run.  BTW, when this plan does not change anything, which most experts believe it will not, then you are going to look like every other tax and spend Dem that has come along.

You have already pretty much killed the change thing anyway.  A guy that can’t use Turbo Tax is going to run the IRS and a Lady who’s husband collects money from unfriendly Countries as SoS and of course a guy who gets people like Rich a pardon without checking his background as AG.  Lobbyist lining up for positions within the Administration.  Now who would have thought?

Seems to me that already the 56 million who thought you were not what you pretended to be were correct.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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