Yes We Did……..


…Fool a majority of Americans.

Tom Daschle, who lost his seat in the Senate so many years ago forgot something about the American way.  The IRS is there for a reason.  No I am not a big fan of the IRS, but they do serve a purpose they collect taxes.

Hey wait, maybe this is why the Democrats don’t mind slapping American Taxpayers with large tax increases, they simply ignore the tax code and don’t pay taxes.  Or at least all the taxes that are required by law.  I’m thinking there is an irony in that somewhere, don’t you?

In the off chance you haven’t heard former Sen Daschle seems to have neglected to pay some $100,000 in taxes to the IRS.  Not to mention that he has also received over $228,000 in payments from healthcare organizations.  He has been tapped by the President to be the head of the Health and Human Services and this means alread has a vested interest in expanded healthcare.

So to review the bidding we have ; Daschle and Giethner with tax problems.  Emanuael with truth problems.  Clinton with husband problems.  Richardson with ethic problems and let’s not forget Eric Holder who admits he requested and backed Rich for a pardon without doing a bit of research in Clinton’s last hours.

Now the reason is clear as to why President Obama wants to cut the defense budget by 10% or around $55 billion, his people don’t pay taxes so cuts have to be made somewhere.  What is most likely is that as civil service people leave they will not be replaced by another civil servant.  The position will be filled by a contractor, which cost more up front, but will give him the ability to say he cut the size of defense and cut cost because contractor funds come from a different pocket.

Yep, all smoke and mirrors.

Most troubling however is the flooding of Clinton Crooks into his Cabinet with no outrage from the press and no opposition from the Senate.  We seem to have a President that enjoys the advice of crooks, liars and otherwise shady people.  Not the advice I want my President to be taking.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “Yes We Did……..”

  1. FRANK C Says:


    Don’t forget that Rahm Emanuel holds a daily conference call with George Stephanopolus, Paul Begala and James Carville. Guess the Obama Chief of Staff’s can not get enough of the Change…back to the Clinton People.

    How about the two of us not pay taxes on that much and see how quickly we end up in hot water.

    Frank C

    And Moyers tingle, but what the hey. Bottom line is not s single Republican would get past the initial sniff test with half of what these guys have in their background.


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